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As a professional third-party decoration platform in the decoration industry, I would like to remind you that decoration Xiaobai should make preparations in two aspects before decoration, one is to clarify the decoration style, the other is to formulate his own decoration budget in advance. If you do these two things well, you can successfully screen decoration companies. For your reference, Xiaobian takes a house type in the central living area of Wangjiawan as an example to let you feel the decoration effect of Chinese classical style

community: Wangjiawan central living area

house type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: Chinese classical

decoration method: all inclusive

contract price: 100000-200000

design principle: the owner and family of this house type favor traditional decoration, but in order to avoid the boring traditional sense, after consulting with the designer, they chose Chinese classical decoration, which combines Chinese and classical taste, creating a more stable Dignified and atmospheric visual effect

[renderings of Chinese classical decoration in Wangjiawan central living area]

I wonder if you are impressed by this traditional Chinese and artistic classical decoration after seeing this set of renderings? If you see this set of renderings and are ready to decorate, you can directly go to the decoration bidding to release the bidding information, and you can immediately make an appointment with this decoration company to measure the house and offer a quotation scheme





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