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Spring is less than a month away. Have you decided where to enjoy spring? Spring resort, of course, must come to Moganshan home! Moganshan whole house customization integrates spring elements into your home, taking you to find the trace of spring in your home

in early spring, green buds rise,

in mid spring, flowers bloom,

in late spring,

the earth should be fresh + pink,

a scene of business

come on, come to Moganshan home,

find the trace of spring

green is probably a model of small freshness,

and this reduced gray candy tone,

makes this green more popular

to put spring clothes into the kitchen,

in fact, it really only needs this step

the grayish green wooden door,

actually has some spring flavor

this color is not very dazzling,

on the contrary, it makes people feel very comfortable,

just like this beautiful spring,

will have a panoramic view at the moment of pushing the door

to say that there is only green in spring, pink is not allowed

look at the cherry blossoms all over the trees,

how lovely the pink is

take pink home,

let spring stay all year round

integrating the shape of plants into the home,

is also a good way to enjoy spring

add some green furniture,

integrate furniture and home,

have spring easily

there is less than a month left in spring,

don't you come to Moganshan to enjoy spring





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