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as an entry-level product of smart home products, smart electronic door locks began to enter most family life, and fingerprint password locks are the most typical one. With people's increasing requirements for the convenience of office life, the fingerprint lock for glass doors has gradually been recognized and adopted by everyone, playing an important role in work or other scenes

what is a fingerprint password lock for glass doors? Generally speaking, it is an intelligent lock specially installed on glass doors. It has high security, is fashionable and beautiful, and is easy to install and use. In particular, the current popular hole free glass fingerprint lock has many advantages, which brings great convenience to work and life, so it is deeply loved by units and individuals

what are the applicable scope of fingerprint password lock for glass door

as a special kind of intelligent lock, its application scenario is targeted. It is usually used in banks, shops and office places, and its scope of application is relatively wide. Mainly reflected in that it can be installed on framed glass and frameless glass doors, single door and double door glass doors)

the thickness of domestic glass doors is generally 15mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, and 12mm is the most commonly used. Therefore, the general hole free glass door lock is mainly for 12mm doors. If it is a thinner door, it needs to add shims. If it is a 15mm door, it needs to consult the manufacturer to see whether there are suitable accessories

the fingerprint lock of hole free glass door is easy to replace the original old glass door lock because of its simple installation and no holes. Glass door fingerprint password lock is not only one of the manifestations of improving the overall image, but also convenient for our daily work and life. As the defense line of the entrance channel of the office, its frequency of use is very high compared with that of the fingerprint lock used in the home, and it plays an important role. There is no need to punch holes and wire on the glass door. It is beautiful and fashionable, which is one of its major features; Without mechanical key, it can be verified and identified by fingerprint, password or card, and integrates practical functions such as doorbell, door opening record query, trial and error alarm and induction automatic door closing, as well as fast and normally open setting. It is safe and convenient, which is another major feature of it. There is no need to wait for someone to open the door in the morning, and there is no need to worry about the free entry and exit of advertising salesmen, and there is no need to worry about forgetting to lock the door after work

compared with the classic glass fingerprint lock, when digital song launched the c711 fully automatic glass fingerprint lock. This lock is not only favored by office workers for its fashionable appearance, but also matches the general high-end office environment because of its various colors and stable and reliable characteristics. Of course, due to the replacement of certain accessories, it can also be applied to fire doors, wooden doors, aluminum frame doors, sliding doors, etc., which is more difficult to compare with the conventional glass fingerprint locks in the general market. Very good cost performance, good reputation, real materials, plus a wealth of intimate small functions, such as virtual password, security mode, automatic normally open setting, etc., add a lot of color to this fingerprint lock

the mainstream manufacturers of glass door fingerprint locks are: SiGe, haolishi, Mingmen, glass dog, Chinese knot, Suo master, etc. The following takes the popular SiGe glass door fingerprint password lock c711 as an example to introduce its scope of application and characteristics:

1 Classic appearance: with humanized OLED visual operation interface and warm and detailed human voice prompt, the setting is simple and convenient, and the door is not closed properly; With a 3*4 12 digit standard numeric keyboard and full touch screen input, it has a strong sense of science and technology. The high-strength acrylic touch screen panel has good vandalism resistance, scratch prevention, higher sensitivity, and can also prevent the residual traces of keys

2. Main features: the main chip adopts imported Italian semiconductor chip, which has high operation efficiency and fast response; 360 degree visible fingerprint identification technology; Safety mode; 18 Bit virtual password input; Annular breathing indicator light; It has the function of opening door record query; With voice navigation settings; There is a doorbell on the lock; Hook tongue + cylindrical tongue function

3. The third generation fingerprint head: the fingerprint identification sensor adopts 500dpi semiconductor acquisition instrument, which has good adaptability to the environment, better adaptability to special fingerprints, and the identification response speed is less than 1.0 seconds

4. Component material: the main part is mainly made of zinc alloy, which is integrally die cast and formed. The automotive electroplating process is exquisite and has good corrosion resistance. The U-shaped installation lining plate adopts high-strength Q235 cold plate material, which is formed by stamping and combined with the multi-channel oil injection process, with good surface texture and strong corrosion resistance. The internal structural parts are made of zinc alloy or stainless steel, with high strength and good wear resistance; The motor adopts gear box reduction motor, which has low power consumption, large thrust and high reliability

5. Door opening mode: fingerprint, virtual password and high-frequency card, and can be extended to remote control, mobile app unlocking, wechat unlocking, temporary password unlocking, remote unlocking, etc

6. Low power design: four No. 5 batteries, which can be tested more than 10000 times continuously, with good durability. The lock is also equipped with a low-voltage alarm and a USB emergency interface. When the battery is completely exhausted, you can use the mobile phone power bank to charge. The power bank can be selected from mainstream brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Roma, No. 1, Pinsheng, etc

7. Scope of application: single door glass door, double door glass door, framed glass door, glass sliding door in office, and it can also be used as an auxiliary lock with replacement accessories, which can be suitable for wooden doors, aluminum doors, fire doors, etc

the above is the relevant knowledge about the scope of application of glass door fingerprint password lock compiled by Xiaobian for you. I hope it will help you




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