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Color is an issue that must be considered in interior decoration. It is not only soft decoration, but also designers will deliberate on the indoor color matching before construction, in order to achieve the best matching effect. So what does color mean for interior decoration

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the world outside the house

the world, there was no color, I really don't know. The world that different creatures see must be different. Anyway, we humans see it in a very colorful way. So people call this beautiful thing color. With things, light and bright eyes, our life is really rich and colorful

the world inside the house

people built houses, moved in, and began to want to bring all the wonderful things in the outside world. Modern people also enjoy the beauty of color at home. But you know what? Only 100 years ago, the world in the house was still gloomy. There was no color TV, books and magazines had little color, and the limited dyeing technology could only produce blue clothes &mdash& mdash; Color is the exclusive pet of the rich and a symbol of wealth

people like designers

people like designers are good at using color because they know how to use color “ Change ” The shape and size of the space; How to cover up the failure in the room with color; How to use color to coordinate the conflict of different shapes, decorations and materials; How to bring strong emotion with color; How to use color to form softness and warmth; How to adjust the atmosphere with color; How to spend small money on big things with color

those people in the room

there are many people in the room, most of whom can't understand the culture hanging on the Roman capitals. Some people can't see the meandering and turning interest of space, but only a few people can't feel the beauty of color. Color is amazing! It is a brilliant pinch of gold, it is a quiet and far-reaching piece of indigo, it is a fiery red with enthusiasm, it is a cluster of bright green with vitality, it makes the monotonous space full of vitality, it makes people's emotions infected, and their mood changes accordingly

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