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actually, mute doors and windows is a relatively new concept. Generally speaking, it will not achieve absolute silence, but relative. The human body has a tolerable standard for noise. Reaching a certain decibel will make people bored, that is, the idea of noise. CATI mute doors and windows can block the noise up to 25-40 dB, so that the sound can be reduced to the level that people feel comfortable, and the push and pull process of doors and windows also try to make no big sound, so as to truly realize the concept of mute. Generally speaking, it is a comfortable environment that people can bear when installing silent doors and windows in the room. Kati doors and windows Xiaobian will show you how to choose cost-effective silent doors and windows

first, look at the thickness

the thicker the aluminum profile, the higher its firmness. Needless to say, correspondingly, the mute effect of its doors and windows will be better. When you buy, you can test the thickness through the section of aluminum profile

II. Hardware accessories

doors and windows need to be opened frequently, so light and smooth opening will make people comfortable and noiseless. Through the anti swing positioning wheel, Fuxuan products make its orientation slide smoothly, effectively prevent the door leaf from swinging when it is pushed and pulled, have stronger wind pressure resistance, and have almost no noise

III. tightness

well made aluminum alloy doors and windows are smooth in addition to the splicing of aluminum profiles, and the glass glue is also smooth. The sealing strip uses ethylene propylene diene, which is aging resistant and can be used for a long time

IV. double glazing

glass, as an important part of silent doors and windows, has a great impact on the price of doors and windows. Choose tempered insulating glass with 3C certification, in addition to superior sound insulation and heat insulation performance; In terms of safety, it will not be scratched after the explosive force is broken

every product of Cartier doors and windows will adhere to the details, grasp the quality, and formulate detailed quality management standards in every link. Establish a quality assurance system independent of production management. Detailed and controllable management standards have been formulated from product design, process flow, workshop production, transportation and sale

German Cartier windows and doors www.dgkadi Com

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