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2. When purchasing water pipes, we should take the specification of pipes as the premise. We must clearly express the brand, outer diameter and wall thickness of water pipes and then make an inquiry

1 Pay attention to the price comparison value of water pipes and accessories

generally, the ratio of water pipes to accessories is (60% - 65%): (40% - 35%). Suppose you buy 1000 yuan of water pipe materials, of which the price of pipes is 600 ~ 650 yuan, and the price of accessories is 400 ~ 350 yuan

some water pipe dealers often attract customers' attention with very low pipe prices, and then raise the price of accessories to sell. This is bound to increase the price ratio of accessories, and sometimes the price of accessories will exceed 50% of the total price. Take the "inner wire elbow" in the accessories as an example, its price is generally equivalent to the price per meter of pipes. If you buy a water pipe of about 9 yuan per meter, the price of inner wire elbow is usually not higher than 9.5 yuan. If the price of inner wire elbow is more than 10 yuan, you should pay attention

2. When purchasing water pipes, we should take the specification of pipes as the premise

we must clearly express the brand, outer diameter and wall thickness of water pipes before making an inquiry. For example, how much is the price of Linglong 25*4.2 hot water pipe per meter

if you ask the price of hot water pipes in general, businesses will have the opportunity to play tricks, because 20*2.8, 20*3.4, 25*3.5, 25*4.2 water pipes can be sold to you as hot water pipes

3. When shopping around, pay attention to the comparison of the same specifications, based on the total price

when comparing prices, you can ask the merchant to budget the total price of water pipe materials for you. Then decide where to buy on the basis of the total price

precautions when shopping around: 1 Be sure to compare on the basis of the same specification. For example, you can't compare the 25*3.5 water pipe of brand a with the 25*4.2 water pipe of Brand B; 2. Try to compare the prices of products of the same brand and different merchants. 3 If you don't really decide where to buy, don't bargain very deliberately and seriously, otherwise the business will think that you are bargaining in good faith, rather than that you are simply inquiring and comparing. 4. If you don't really know where to buy and want to take away the budget list calculated by the merchant for you, you should get the consent of the merchant

4. After the purchase of water pipes, pay attention to the delivery of the merchants

once the transaction of water pipes is completed, be sure to carefully confirm the delivery of the merchants: whether the brand of water pipes is correct; Whether the wall thickness of the water pipe is correct; Whether the brand of accessories is consistent with that of pipes; Whether the quantity is consistent with the quantity on the delivery list; Whether the brand, outer diameter and wall thickness of the outlet pipe are clearly marked on the purchase list

in a word, when making an inquiry, ask the merchant to take out the physical samples to have a look, and when shipping, confirm whether the goods are consistent with the samples

5. Material installation and return of excess materials

(1) when installing materials, confirm the actual use of materials

(2) when there is a lack of individual materials, bring the first material purchase list with you and purchase at the same preferential price as the first time

(3) when installing on the construction site, pay attention to maintaining the cleanliness of unused water pipes and accessories to facilitate the return of excess materials

(4) when returning spare parts, take all the previous purchase lists with you, and you can ask the merchant to return the original price without affecting the merchant's secondary sales. (the amount of regular return should not exceed 10% of the total purchase price)

6 Comparison between domestic PP-R products and imported PP-R products

since the late 1990s, China has entered a high-speed development period of PP-R raw material research and development and put into use. After years of experience accumulation, China's self-developed and PP-R production technology has long been mature. Under the premise of strictly implementing China's PP-R national standards, the product quality and performance of similar manufacturers should be similar

most PP-R pipes on the domestic market are produced with raw materials made in Nordic chemical industry, South Korea and China. Generally speaking, due to import tariffs, the prices of PP-R products produced with foreign raw materials and imported PP-R products will be higher




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