Etray's 11th anniversary price hike and profit mak

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2014 is a great leap forward and enterprising year for itle. It is also a year for itle to realize strategic upgrading and leapfrog development. In the eleventh year of Thanksgiving, etray launched the "big money" profit making activity

2014 is a year of great leap forward and enterprising. It is also a year for itle to realize strategic upgrading and leapfrog development. Over the past 11 years, the love of consumers has created the brilliant today of etray. For 11 years of gratitude, etray has launched the "big money" profit making activity, so that consumers can experience the style of etray's original art and enjoy an unprecedented grand discount carnival

generous gifts, generous price cuts, and etray's preferential attack to create an annual Sheng "Hui". During the event, green solid wood particle board manufacturers offered special prices directly, shocking the bottom price, 88 yuan/㎡; Buy 1 ㎡ and get 2 ㎡ free. Buy more and get more free; 10 yuan to buy a shoe cabinet, surprise is really! From August 16 to August 17, the celebration of the eleventh anniversary of eatray was held in stores across the country. You are invited to share the annual benefits of eatray

as an advocate of original art and the first brand of overall art customized wardrobe, etray is committed to working day and night to create a new era of home life; As the leader of customized wardrobe, etray integrates fashion, personality, culture and art into the wardrobe, so that consumers can experience the unique vitality given by etray to the wardrobe. After eleven years of transformation, there are countless artistic masterpieces created by itle. Taking the opportunity of the eleventh anniversary celebration, more classic products will be offered, and the "benefits" will be carried out to the end

you can't miss the wonderful, and you can always grasp the discount. Take part in the annual feast of etray, receive more exquisite gifts, and act quickly. The "benefits" get together in August! For more details of the event, please consult the national exclusive store of etray




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