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Modular design of enterprise network security platform application


since the beginning of 2005, Advantech has cooperated with a global top network security manufacturer to develop a series of high-performance, fully customized network security hardware platforms. Its product application is to provide an interconnected threat protection system for network hosts and desktop systems. Our customers' security products and services can provide early warning functions to protect enterprises and organizations from Internet threats. Over the years, this company has become a trusted security consultant for global enterprises and government organizations


the customer has been suffering from inventory control due to too many product configurations (more than 22 models). For this customer, Advantech provided them with fwa-6280 series. It not only provides convenient "modular design", but also allows customers to quickly install these modules in a simple way

the intrusion/detection/defense system requires high performance of arbitrary power supply insertion and placement, and must always operate stably to provide real-time packet detection. Advantech fwa-6280 series adopts the advanced Intel Xeon processor platform about 75 years ago, which can provide the best computing power. In addition, PCI Express bus technology provides enough bandwidth to handle packet traffic without any delay

the system

the host should have security protection measures.

the customer's equipment adopts Advantech's fwa-6280b series, which is far less than the 63:37 column platform of developed countries such as Germany and the 70:30 column platform of the United States. This system can provide up to 12 PCI Express GBE ports. In case of system failure, the bypass function can ensure network connectivity, while the redundant power supply can ensure the 24 x 7 uninterrupted operation of the system. In addition to these functions, Advantech also cooperates with customers in system design and customization to provide a good brand and image. The customized chassis, front panel and packaging box perfectly combine the customer's own brand and image requirements

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