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In the face of the hot summer, people can still hide in the air-conditioned room to enjoy the cool air, but few people take care of the car under the cool sun Next, we will introduce the steps and precautions for sticking the explosion-proof film, hoping to help the car owner and his car survive the hard summer

I. steps for pasting explosion-proof film

1 Observe the installation of the window glass Before construction, the installation and integrity of the window glass must be observed to ensure the normal operation of the film

2. Cover the necessary parts in the vehicle to prevent liquid infiltration In order to ensure that the sprayed cleaning fluid and lubricating fluid affect the on-board electronic equipment during the construction of the explosion-proof membrane and ensure the initial state of the interior trim to the greatest extent, the seats and instrument panel in the vehicle need to be shielded

3. Clean the window glass to be constructed This is mainly to prevent dirt or other objects between the explosion-proof film and the window glass after the film is pasted. The construction quality problem is that rats often cross the wall holes and inlet holes that damage the cables

4. Pre cut of film Use a ruler to measure the front and rear windshield glass dimensions, including length and width

5. Dry bake and reshape the explosion-proof film (pre shrink)

6. Clean the outside of windshield with glass cleaner and car washing mud, and spray installation fluid

7. Wet bake and reshape the explosion-proof membrane After the dry baking and reshaping operation, the shape of the explosion-proof film has basically coincided with the arc of the windshield. However, in order to further improve the adhesion of the explosion-proof film, it is also necessary to wet bake and reshape the explosion-proof film

8. Cut the finished film

9. Clean the inside of the windscreen with cleaning fluid and spray sufficient mounting fluid The purpose of spraying cleaning fluid is to avoid dust spots and reduce corrosion at the edges; The purpose of spraying installation fluid is to obtain the viscosity required for sizing and better construction effect

10. Remove the transparent protective layer from the film and stick the film to the inside of the windscreen

11. Use a wiper to squeeze out the mounting fluid In the process of removing the installation fluid with the wiper, the installation fluid between the explosion-proof film and the window glass should be scraped as much as possible, so as to reduce the drying time of the explosion-proof film and obtain better bonding effect, overall performance and visual effect

II. Precautions for sticking explosion-proof film

1 Consider your model and color When selecting the film, pay attention to the harmony between the film and the body color. Don't just choose according to whether the color is popular or not. You can make a decision by referring to the car effect drawing of the sample installed by the sales department that produces friction force and affects the indication error

2. When selecting the color of the film, you should sit in the car, put the film on the car glass, close the door, and see if it is your favorite color Do not look directly in the sun, because the color of the film will become lighter under the influence of the sun

3. After the explosion-proof membrane construction is completed, the side windshield should not be raised or lowered within one week, and the decorations should not be attached to the membrane The inside of the front windshield should also not be cleaned The main purpose of this is to make the moisture between the explosion-proof film and the window glass completely volatilize, further improve the market competitiveness, and give full play to the adhesion of the adhesive layer

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