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The application of building fire retardant coatings

in architectural design, there are often problems that steel structures and concrete floors can not meet the requirements of the fire prevention code, and the use of materials for some room decoration and furniture is restricted due to their high flammability. One of the simple and effective ways to solve these problems is to use mo0.005 fireproof coating. Fire retardant coating used in building components can improve its fire resistance rating, dry the surface of combustible materials, make it meet the requirements of flame retardancy, and expand the scope of application

I. working principle and classification of fire retardant coating

fire retardant coating is a kind of coating that can reduce the flame propagation rate of combustible substrate or prevent the transfer of heat to combustible substrate, thus delaying or eliminating the ignition process of substrate or delaying the instability of structural members and the gradual reduction of mechanical strength. That is to say, for non combustible substrates, fire retardant coatings can reduce the rate of substrate temperature rise and prolong the process of structural instability; For combustible substrate, fireproof coating can delay or fire ignition of combustible substrate

the fire protection mechanism of the fire retardant coating is shown in the following aspects:

1. silicate hydration in the fire retardant coating is produced. At present, most steel plants are cautious about the purchase of pig iron, which is dehydrated and vaporized in case of heat, thus absorbing a large amount of heat. At the same time, the heat absorbing material in the coating also consumes a certain amount of heat due to thermal decomposition or phase transformation, thus reducing the rate of temperature rise of the component and improving the fire resistance of the component

2. After the fire retardant coating is subjected to high temperature, it can decompose some inert gases, which destroy the formation of necessary conditions for combustion

3. After the coating is heated, a layer of molten film appears and gradually forms a uniform carbonization layer to form an expanded foaming layer. Its expansion is 10u0-2000 times of the coating degree

there are many classification methods for loading and unloading fire retardant coatings. It can be divided into steel structure fire retardant coating, wood structure fire retardant coating, concrete structure fire retardant coating, etc. according to the parts used; According to its film-forming materials, it can be divided into organic, inorganic and composite fire retardant coatings; According to its solubility, it can be divided into water-based fire retardant coating and oil-based fire retardant coating; According to its flame retardant principle, it can be divided into intumescent fire retardant coating and non intumescent fire retardant coating. However, according to the function and function of fire retardant coatings and the requirements of current national standards for fire retardant coatings, the most appropriate classification is: structural fire retardant coatings and decorative fire retardant coatings. The specific classification is shown in Figure 1

generally speaking, fire retardant coatings have various scientific or empirical bases in terms of development technology, production process quality control and construction application. So it is a mature product

II. Decorative fire retardant coating

the main function of decorative fire retardant coating is to effectively reduce the surface combustion characteristics of combustible substrate after coating the surface of dry combustible substrate, so as to improve the fire resistance of building materials

1. Physical and chemical properties

as a protective layer and finishing material, the fire retardant coating shall have the physical and chemical properties required by the object of use

note: for the transparent fireproof coating, the surface dry ≤ 24/h, the dry ≤ 72/h

the physical and chemical properties of the fireproof coating shall comply with the provisions of Article 4.2 of GB 12441 before the severe test of its fireproof performance. See Table 1

the fire retardant coating shall have an appropriate service life. During this period, the coating film of the fire retardant coating shall be kept intact. Therefore, each factory can only provide users with the shrinkage range of the plastics produced by the factory, and the physical and chemical properties shall be effectively maintained

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