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Application of ultra-high pressure water jet technology The 35mm gem nozzle forms a high-speed jet with a velocity of about m/s, commonly known as the water arrow, which has high energy and can be used to cut soft foundation materials. If a proper amount of abrasive is added to the water arrow, it can be used to cut almost all soft and hard materials. By adjusting the pressure and flow of the water jet, it can be used to clean various objects, such as glue removal, paint removal, rust removal, etc. we can also use the ultra-high pressure technology to carry out high-pressure sterilization, food preservation and many other work beneficial to mankind

features of ultra-high pressure water cutting

it can cut any material with any curve at one time (except water cutting, other cutting methods will be limited by the variety of materials); No heat and harmful substances are generated during cutting. The material has no thermal effect (cold cutting). After cutting, it does not need or is easy to be processed again. It is safe, environmentally friendly, low cost, fast and efficient. It can realize the cutting and processing of any curve. It is convenient, flexible and widely used. Water cutting is the most applicable cutting process at present

comparison between water cutting and laser cutting

the investment of laser cutting equipment is large. At present, it is mostly used for cutting steel sheets and some non-metallic materials. The cutting speed is fast and the precision is high. However, when laser cutting, arc marks and thermal effects will be caused at the cutting seams; In addition, laser cutting is not ideal for some materials, such as aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals and alloys, especially for the cutting of thicker metal plates, the cutting surface is not ideal, or even can not be cut. At present, the research on high-power laser generator is trying to solve the cutting of thick steel plate, but the cost of equipment investment, maintenance and operation consumption is also considerable. The key point of water cutting investment metallographic polishing machine operation is to find a way to get large polishing speed as soon as possible, with low operation cost, wide range of cutting materials, high efficiency and convenient operation and maintenance

comparison between water cutting and plasma cutting

plasma cutting has obvious thermal effect, low precision, and it is not easy to re process the cutting surface. Water cutting belongs to cold cutting, with no thermal deformation and good cutting surface quality. It does not need secondary processing, and it is easy to carry out secondary processing if necessary

comparison between water cutting and wire cutting

for metal processing, wire cutting has higher accuracy, but the speed is very slow. Sometimes it needs other methods to perforate and thread, and the cutting size is greatly limited. Water cutting can drill and cut any material, with fast cutting speed and flexible processing size

comparison between water cutting and other cutting methods

punching and shearing process can be adopted for some metal parts, which is high in efficiency and speed, but requires specific molds and cutters. Compared with this cutting method, water cutting is flexible and can cut workpieces of any shape at any time. Especially in the case of thick materials and high hardness, punching and shearing process will be difficult or impossible to achieve, while water cutting method is ideal; Flame cutting is also a common cutting process in the metal field. The cutting thickness range is very large, but compared with water cutting, it has obvious thermal effect, poor cutting surface quality and accuracy. In addition, water cutting can well solve the cutting processing of some special materials such as high melting point, alloys, composites and so on

in the cutting and processing industries of glass, stone, ceramics, etc., the traditional method is to use diamond tools for cutting, sawing, milling, etc. the cutting thickness range is very large and the speed is fast. However, for plates with conventional thickness, water cutting can carry out high-precision arbitrary curve cutting, with high yield, reduced production costs, and greatly increased the added value of processed products

ultra high pressure water jet microcomputer automatic transmission experimental setup and experimental data cleaning technology

ultra high pressure water jet cleaning technology is a high-tech technology developed in the world in recent years. This technology mainly uses the kinetic energy of high-speed water jet to peel off the stubborn dirt on the surface. It uses water as the medium, drives a large flow supercharger through a diesel or electric unit, and pressurizes the water to a pressure of 40000psi (300mpa), Then it is sprayed out by a plurality of gem nozzles arranged in a circle. The nozzles are driven to rotate by oil pressure or air pressure to form multi beam, multi angle and different strength ultra-high pressure rotating water jets. Carry out ultra-high pressure cleaning for the surfaces to be cleaned, the scales, attachments and blockages in the equipment. The system is generally powered by the diesel engine set, which only needs to provide water for operation. Therefore, it has strong maneuverability, and can be easily carried on the vehicle or made into an ultra-high pressure cleaning vehicle. No matter what kind of scale deposits, ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning technology can solve these problems, completely remove the dirt and leave a clean and smooth surface. It is much faster than manual cleaning. It does not need chemicals, solvents or corrosive agents (nor does it need to adopt costly safety measures at the same time), making it cleaner and more environmentally friendly. "Ultra high pressure water jet cleaning equipment" and "ultra high pressure water jet cutting equipment" belong to the specific application of "ultra high pressure water jet technology", but the former has large flow and low pressure

comparison between ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning and other cleaning methods

ultra high pressure water jet cleaning is a physical cleaning method. Compared with traditional manual, mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning, biological cleaning and other cleaning methods, it has the following advantages:

1 The pressure and flow rate of the water jet can be easily adjusted, so the substrate of the cleaned object will not be damaged

2. Ultra high pressure water jet will not cause secondary pollution. If there is no special requirement after cleaning, cleaning treatment is not required

3. Wash objects with complex shape and structure, which can be cleaned in narrow space or harsh environment

4. Different from chemical cleaning and biological cleaning, ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning has no harmful substance discharge and environmental pollution

5. Ultra high pressure water jet cleaning is fast and thorough. If the cleaning rate of the heat exchanger is more than 95%, the scale removal rate of the boiler is more than 95%

6. The cleaning cost is low, only about 1/3 of that of chemical cleaning, that is, ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning belongs to fine jet and energy-saving equipment

7. Ultra high pressure water jet cleaning has no special requirements for equipment material, characteristics, shape and types of dirt, as long as it can be achieved by water jet

typical application examples of water cutting

1. Typical application in the field of metal cutting

(1) metal cutting and processing of stainless steel in decoration and decoration

(2) manufacturing of machine equipment covers (such as machine tools, food machinery, medical machinery, electrical control cabinets, etc.)

(3) metal parts cutting (such as semi finishing of stainless steel flange, steel plate structural parts, non-ferrous metals, special metal materials, etc.)

2 Typical applications in the field of glass cutting

(1) home appliance glass cutting (gas stove table top, range hood, disinfection cabinet, etc., TV)

(2) lamps

(3) sanitary products (shower room, etc.)

(4) architectural decoration, process glass

(5) automobile glass, etc.

3. Applications in the processing of building materials such as ceramics and stones

"water knife" applied earlier in this field At present, the absolute number of domestic customers is the largest. This field is mainly used for art puzzles. At present, China's ceramic and stone art puzzles are exported to all over the world

4. One time forming and cutting processing of special materials such as composite materials and bulletproof materials

5. Clean water cutting of soft materials

(1) robot space cutting of automotive interior parts

(2) foam sponge, paper, etc.

6. Cutting of low melting point, flammable and explosive materials (such as explosives, shells, etc.)

7. Ultra high pressure water cleaning

(1) cleaning of heat exchanger tube side in petrochemical industry

u-tube side cleaning

floating head heat exchanger shell side cleaning, air cooler fin tube cleaning

cleaning of reactor, inner wall of tower tank and internal components of equipment

large storage tank surface and inner wall cleaning


(2) power industry

remove the dirt on the surface or inside of the condenser (box) at the end of February this year

fouling in rotors, diaphragms and shells of large steam turbines

the damaged refractory materials in the furnace and the scaling of various preheating and condensers can be removed smoothly without damaging the performance of the original equipment


(3) aerospace industry

cleaning of runways and guardrails of civil and military airports, de gluing of runways, removal of oil stains on tarmac and traffic marks on runways

aircraft carrier platform runway cleaning


(4) the ship industry

needs regular descaling and painting for the hull surface, and the ultra-high pressure water cleaning equipment can easily remove the dirt and surface paint, so as to prepare for repainting


(5) automobile manufacturing

paint and dirt cleaning in automobile coating workshop


(6) building bridge industry

building exterior wall cleaning

peel off the old coating on the building wall

peel off the hard synthetic fiber coating on the ground


(7) Municipal Engineering

gum cleaning of urban street pavement

zebra crossing cleaning of urban roads

urban graffiti cleaning

cleaning of urban psoriasis

city gas pipeline cleaning

others. (end)

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