Application of Fieldbus in power plant Digitalizat

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Keyuan Co., Ltd. promoted the application of "fieldbus" to realize the digitalization of power plants. On November, 2010, the China electricity Union national generator set technical cooperation association, together with relevant power plants, design institutes and research institutions, held a national ultra (ultra) critical generator set technology exchange Seminar in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, which can greatly improve mechanical performance. For example, polymer materials have high elongation. The purpose of the conference is to exchange, discuss and promote the application of new technologies, new equipment and new materials for ultra (supercritical) power generation units, and jointly improve the progress of ultra (supercritical) power generation technology

caoreifeng, vice president of Keyuan Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the meeting and made an important report on the application of Fieldbus in ultra (ultra) critical generator units. In the fieldbus control system project undertaken by Keyuan Co., Ltd., caoreifeng selected four representative projects in chronological order. Starting from engineering practice, he expounded the practical application of fieldbus, and analyzed the development history, application, existing problems and improvement direction of Fieldbus Technology in China


pointed out that there are differences between user value and manufacturer value, and full market competition is the most powerful tool to ensure user value. The current fieldbus control technology is monopolized by foreign companies and lacks sufficient market competition. It is difficult to popularize and apply it and improve the control level of domestic power generation enterprises. Domestic manufacturers should strive to master the core technology of fieldbus. Whether they can master the core technology will not only determine the market share of domestic enterprises, but also affect the development speed of domestic automation market in the era of fieldbus. The rapid development of China's economy is the biggest driving force for the development of power industry. As an automation manufacturer specialized in the field of power generation, tns-ez1a wire change experimental machine is composed of mechanical and electrical systems. Keyuan Co., Ltd. is increasing the research and development of fieldbus technology, accelerating the popularization and application of fieldbus technology, and welcoming the arrival of the digital era of power plants. The Bank of science and technology should lower the threshold, and the shares will continue to make efforts, improve and improve in the market competition

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