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Summary of the application of frequency converter in the printing machinery manufacturing industry in 2005 (II)

3 the application status of frequency converter in the printing machinery equipment began to use frequency converter in the early 1980s. At that time, the new products developed by major domestic printing machinery enterprises began to use frequency converter speed regulating device for the purpose of improving the technical level. It is a large-scale fine testing instrument that gives full play to the respective expertise of the motor. In order to improve the stability and reliability of equipment, printing machinery enterprises generally use imported frequency converters. The products using frequency converter include sheet fed lithographic printing machine and web lithographic printing machine, and then expand to various printing methods and equipment with different printing formats. Later, it was spread to post press binding, packaging and printing, paper processing, paper decoration and other equipment. The main application products are described below

3.1 sheet fed lithographic printing machine and post press binding equipment

sheet fed lithographic printing machine can be divided into full sheet, folio, quarto and octavo printing machines according to the size of the printed paper, which are used respectively in the packaging, books and periodicals, advertising and fast printing industries. In particular, the color printing machine is the backbone equipment of the printing industry. The speed regulation system of the equipment has been using electromagnetic speed regulation motor for many years, and frequency conversion speed regulation has become a fashion in recent years. On high-end multi-color printing machines, foreign enterprises have designed paper conveyors driven by frequency converters. The operation of multiple printing rollers is improved from gear train transmission to servo motors. The coordination between the paper feeding motion and the rotary motion of the drum is tracked and matched by the servo motor. The post press binding equipment is equipped with an independent single machine driven by a frequency converter, such as a three side book cutter, a single head or double head stapler, a straight-line package machine, a disc package machine, etc. Other post printing equipment should be equipped with more than 2 frequency converters. For example, the elliptical package with 10 clips needs one frequency converter to control the page breaking vibrating table, and the other frequency converter to control the main movement of the equipment; The horse riding binding production line also needs two frequency converters to control the whole process of page matching, binding and cutting into books

3.2 web lithography press and post press counting and bundling equipment

web lithography press is the backbone equipment for printing newspapers and books in China. This equipment itself is a large-scale printing production line. While completing the printing process, it can also continuously complete various functions such as cutting, folding, counting, packaging, etc. With the development of equipment science and technology, web printing machine also has the functions of automatic paper feeding, drying, cooling, polishing, binding, etc. However, since its birth, this kind of equipment has been using DC thyristor rectifier for speed regulation, and a long shaft drives each functional unit to complete the printing process. In addition to the old products, the newly developed products have completed the transformation of frequency converter speed regulation. In case of new production, the long axis that can ensure the good levelness of the instrument has been completely eliminated, and each functional unit is independently driven by the servo motor, drive system and numerical control system, thus bringing this equipment to a new level. On these devices, the frequency converter is only used for some secondary functions, such as water and ink speed regulation, and some old products are used for frequency conversion speed regulation of the main motor

3.3 web intaglio printing machine and post press packaging equipment

this equipment has the same working mode as the web lithographic printing machine. The difference is that the structure of the intaglio printing machine is simpler than the former, the range of printing materials is wide, and it can print various polyester films. The process of frequency conversion speed regulation and independent drive of the equipment is the same. The post printing equipment includes rewinder, Slitter, compound machine, sheet cutting machine, die-cutting machine and other equipment, which can be connected to the line or use a separate equipment to complete the post printing processing. The single machine can adopt frequency converter for speed regulation

3.4 flexographic printing machine and corrugated paper printing slotting machine

this equipment is a veritable production line composed of a variety of printing methods and post press processing. The main printing unit uses photosensitive resin plate (relief plate) to realize the main printing functions. Its speed regulation development process is basically the same as that of web printing machine. At present, GF adopts frequency conversion speed regulation

in a word, in the past, the equipment that used DC thyristor speed regulation and electromagnetic speed regulation can be transformed into frequency converter speed regulation. At present, large printing and packaging equipment and enterprises undertaking export tasks generally use imported frequency converters, and small and medium-sized equipment use Sino foreign joint ventures, Taiwan made or domestic frequency converters. See Table 5 for the production and sales of printing machinery and equipment and the scale of frequency converter in 2005

table 5 production and sales volume of printing equipment and application quantity of frequency converters in 2005

note: the figures in the table are for reference only

4 application prospect of frequency converters

. The import volume of printing and packaging equipment was US $1669 million, a decrease of 2.74% over 2004, which was converted into about RMB 13.352 billion. The total sales of printing and packaging equipment in the Chinese market was about RMB 24billion. With the improvement of the market share of domestic equipment, the demand for frequency converters will further increase. The sales of major enterprise groups - beiren group, Shanghai Electric Group Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhongjing group, Guanhua group, Xinji group and other enterprises have exceeded 4billion yuan. These enterprises are the main application markets of variable frequency governors. With the development of printing and packaging machinery technology, printing and packaging equipment means that after the experiment, the 10 prefix returns to the preset position at a high speed. The export volume will increase year by year, the domestic market share will increase significantly, and the demand for frequency converters will increase

at present, there are about 450 domestic manufacturers of printing and packaging equipment, involving more than 200 varieties and specifications of printing and packaging products. According to the current sales volume and fuel efficiency, the equipment using frequency converters is about 30000 sets/year. The main motor power of the equipment involved in the application of frequency converter is 0.4 ~ 82kw. See Table 6 for the main enterprises applying frequency converters

table 6 major enterprises applying frequency converter governors

note: the figures in the table are for reference only

5 main problems existing in the application of domestic frequency converters

at present, the main problems affecting the application of domestic frequency converters are as follows:

(1) the industrialization level of the production of domestic frequency converters is not enough, and there is no one close to the industrialization level of Mitsubishi in Japan, which can provide various industries with frequency converters with different uses and process requirements, Especially for enterprises with large demand, it can supply goods with high quality and quantity in large quantities. The industrialization level is not high, which is prone to unstable quality, and it is impossible to have a complete sales service network and 24-hour service

(2) some frequency converter manufacturers can only produce and sell general frequency converters, and only a few manufacturers can understand the process characteristics of printing machinery and equipment and the special requirements for frequency converters. Recently, Huichuan company has solved the technological problem of applying frequency converter to tension control system and rewinding device, which is a progress. However, there is no domestic frequency converter manufacturer involved in various printing machines that use a large number of frequency converters

(3) the quality of domestic frequency converter is still unstable. During the use of users, frequent jogging of trial printing operation or frequency converter failure or even burning of continuous working time often occur, which makes the printing manufacturers not feel rash to use domestic frequency converter. Even in some printing machine transformation projects, imported frequency converter is also used

6 conclusion

the printing machinery manufacturing industry is closely related to the improvement of information industry, printing industry, packaging industry and people's living standards. The printing industry is compared to the sunshine industry, and the printing machinery manufacturing industry has broad prospects for development. The variable frequency speed regulation technology not only saves a lot of energy compared with the traditional speed regulation technology, but also saves a lot of natural resources for transmission and speed regulation, which greatly simplifies the structure of the equipment. In particular, the application of frequency converter in tension control, rewinding, slitting, and even in independent drive equipment will further expand the application field of frequency converter. At present, there is no example of applying frequency converter to the paper cutter which is widely used, so it should be paid attention to by the frequency converter manufacturers

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