Application of fagorcnc8o55 CNC system in high-spe

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Application of fagorcnc8o55 CNC system in high-speed machining machine tools

difference between high-speed cutting and traditional machining methods

traditional machining methods emphasize large cutting amount, low feed speed and low spindle speed. Therefore, the machine tool is required to have a high-power spindle and a strong rigid structure. Because the cutting tool and workpiece have to bear a large cutting force in the machining process, high heat will be generated on the surface of the tool and workpiece, so the thermal deformation of the workpiece is very large, affecting the machining accuracy and surface quality. The tool is heated, the wear is accelerated, and the service life is greatly reduced

high speed machining adopts high speed, fast movement, small cutting amount and small depth of penetration. This greatly reduces the cutting resistance. The force on the spindle, tool and workpiece becomes smaller, and almost all the heat is taken away by iron filings. The higher the speed, the less heat the tool and workpiece will bear. Therefore, the workpiece can get very good surface quality (micron accuracy), and the service life of the tool will be greatly improved

elements of high speed machining

high speed machining is a comprehensive technology. It needs the cooperation of high-speed machine tool, good numerical control system, cad/cam, suitable cutting tools and optimized processing technology to get satisfactory results

among them, numerical control system is a very important link. The cnc8055 CNC system of FAGOR company in Spain is a very good choice for medium-range high-speed machining machines. There is no need to talk about the general functions of Johnson Matthey's huge investment in NC milling. I think the key lies in the performance of the NC system in executing cad/cam software processing programs. In a more accurate word, it describes the performance at each inflection point of the program

nowadays, many machine tool operators do not have a good mathematical foundation, and they cannot understand the meaning of G code. From the design of graphics to the final machining workpiece, all are completed by the computer and CNC system. Therefore, the quality of cad/cam software generation program is very important. A good program can make CNC even more powerful. Good software (such as UG) is required to generate a good program automatically. A good software can avoid too many and too small corners as much as possible, while the task of the NC system is to complete the machining process at high speed and accurately according to the requirements of the program

fagor CNC 8055 system can be equipped with a 2G hard disk with a network interface, which can directly connect with the upper computer, accurately and quickly obtain the machining program generated by cam, and directly execute the machining program from the hard disk

cnc reads the program from the hard disk or DNC and does not immediately execute sentence by sentence, but first processes it. In the early days of CNC, the processing program was read and executed paragraph by paragraph. In other words, the content of the next program segment was not known when the current segment was executed. The new generation of CNC has a strong pre-processing ability for the processing program being executed, which can ensure that the best cylindrical helical compression spring tester for railway vehicles can be obtained at each inflection point under the high-speed processing state, so that the actual trajectory is close to the theoretical trajectory. As an analogy: a high-speed racing car runs along a curved track. Only the racer who is familiar with the road ahead and has mastered the high-speed and smooth turning skills can achieve good results. FAGOR cnc8055 can well control each inflection point through g51 function. By executing g51, the pretreatment of program section, acceleration and deceleration control of inflection point and elimination of unnecessary points can be combined. In addition, FAGOR's digital servo maintains communication with CNC through SERCOS bus. It has very sensitive characteristics and can obtain very high acceleration

cnc processing time of single program is an important index. After the built-in CPU acceleration board is configured, the single program processing time of Fagor CNC 8055c can reach 1.4ms. When executing various complex programs generated by cad/cam, this index will play a decisive role in machining efficiency. Practice has proved that the performance of Fagor CNC 8055 is quite excellent

fagor CNC 8055 is also characterized by its agreeableness. So far, among the various CNC systems I have come into contact with, FAGOR's products have the characteristics of easy learning, easy operation, easy mastery, friendly interface, multiple functions, high stability and stronger openness

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