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Application of point supported full glass curtain wall in Haizhu passenger station the Haizhu passenger station project is a landmark transportation infrastructure in Guangzhou and one of the key construction projects in Guangzhou. The passenger station is located in the south of Nanzhou Road, Sanjiao village, Haizhu District, adjacent to the foot of nanluoxi bridge of Guangzhou Avenue in the East and the south of Industrial Avenue in the West. It has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The station has a total land area of 31517m2, including a net land area of 23546m2, a road area of 4043m2, a river area of 3928m2 and a building area of 6300m2. The completion of the station will relieve the traffic congestion at the south exit of Guangzhou and the pressure of urban road traffic

the design of Haizhu passenger station is themed by one leaf light boat. The main roof truss adopts light steel structure, the external wall is point supported full glass curtain wall, and the upper is covered with composite color steel plate. The building plane layout is reasonable and applicable, the functional zoning is clear, the space size is appropriate, and the streamline is simple and fast. The following focuses on the construction technology of point supported all glass curtain wall

1. Construction process and key process of point supported all glass curtain wall (1) installation process of point supported all glass curtain wall: Measurement and setting out. Check and adjust embedded parts - Installation of connectors - Installation of vertical members (trusses or columns). Beam installation - connection claw installation. Glass installation - apply sealant

(2) measurement and setting out. According to the building axis control, elevation control points and curtain wall datum plane, carry out three-dimensional positioning measurement of embedded parts, snap ink lines, and make three-dimensional coordinate records of each embedded part. The measurement adopts subsection control to avoid error accumulation. Since the building is subject to the influence of temperature, the measurement shall be carried out regularly every day, and the wind force shall be ≯ 4 during the measurement

(3) installation of connecting members. Install the connector according to the measurement data and positioning ink line. After reinforcing the embedded parts with too large deviation, install the connecting components to ensure that they are accurately in place and firmly connected. After installation, the positioning retest shall be carried out

(4) vertical member (truss or column) installation. On the basis of remeasuring the positioning deviation after the installation of connecting components, further adjust the installation truss or column and column beam system column according to the curtain wall datum to make them accurately in place and controlled by sections to avoid error accumulation

truss or column is a vertical component, which is one of the keys of curtain wall installation and construction. Its installation accuracy and quality directly affect the installation quality of curtain wall, and the allowable deviation is controlled within 2 mm. Especially for the curtain wall whose building plane is arc, oval or four sided closed, the deviation inside and outside the plane will directly affect the perimeter of the curtain wall

installation quality requirements: elevation ± 3 mm; Front and rear ± 2 mm; Left and right ± 3 mm

(5) beam installation. The beam or column beam system needs to be set with a beam to support the glass due to the large transverse distance. The beam is a stressed member

the beam is connected with the truss or column by welding. It is required to measure in place, control by sections, and finally fully weld

(6) installation and adjustment of connecting claw. Truss or column and column beam members are generally processed and manufactured in the factory, and then transported to the construction site for installation, so the quality can be easily guaranteed. The position of the curtain wall connecting claw has been determined on the components. Although it is required to measure, locate and control by sections during the installation of trusses or columns and the installation of beams to avoid the accumulation of errors, errors are inevitable due to various reasons. Therefore, after the connecting claw is initially in place, the control point shall be measured and checked, and the deviation of each connecting point shall be checked by all-round pulling wire (thin steel wire). Installing the connecting claw and adjusting the deviation are the most important

installation quality requirements: the center distance between two adjacent connecting claw sleeves is ± 1. 0 mm; The center height difference of two adjacent connecting claw sleeves is ± 1. 0 mm; Levelness of adjacent three connecting claws 1. 0 mm; Levelness of two holes of the same connecting claw is 1. 0 mm; The angle deviation between the connecting claw arm and the horizontal (vertical) angle is 15 '

(7) glass installation. When the glass is installed on site, the butt joint and the glass shall be assembled on the installation platform first, and then installed with the butt joint claw. In order to ensure that the key word optimization has flooded today to ensure the air tightness and water tightness of the butt joint, a torque wrench must be used to determine the torque according to the specific specifications and dimensions of the butt joint system. When installing the glass, it should always be hung on the two upper adapters. After the initial installation on site, the upper, lower, left and right positions of the glass shall be adjusted to ensure that the horizontal deviation of the glass is within the allowable range. After all the glasses are adjusted, the flatness of the overall facade shall be checked, and the glue can be applied only after it is confirmed to be correct

(8) glass gluing. ① Before gluing, spray xylene or industrial ethanol, and wipe the glued parts of glass and steel trough with a clean towel. ② The gap between the bottom of the connecting glass and the steel trough shall be sealed with foam adhesive tape to ensure straightness and a glue thickness of 8 ~ 12 mm clear height shall be reserved. ③ Before gluing, paste protective adhesive tape at the position to be glued, and pay attention to the straightness of adhesive tape and adhesive seam. ④ The glue shall be applied continuously and evenly. Generally, the horizontal joint shall be applied first, and then the vertical joint shall be applied; The vertical glue joint should be carried out from top to bottom. After the glue is filled, check whether there are bubbles, hollows, broken joints and inclusions inside. If there are any, deal with them in time. ⑤ When applying glue every other day, the joint of glue joint shall be provided with glue head, and the glue tail of the previous application of glue shall be cut off to ensure the tight connection of the two applications of glue. ⑥ After the glass is decorated, the adhesive tape pasted on the glass shall be removed quickly. After the glass adhesive is cured, the inner and outer glass shall be cleaned and protective signs shall be made

2. Technical management measures

2. 1 preparation stage

(1) before construction, the architectural design drawings shall be checked, and the relevant drawings shall be approved by the design unit

(2) after determining the origin, manufacturer and specification of the main materials, sign with the owner and seal up one set of the same samples (pieces) respectively as the basis for re inspection of the materials after mobilization. All materials, spare parts and semi-finished products shall comply with the provisions of the current national product standards, and the factory certificate or material factory certificate and quality assurance certificate shall be provided. When the materials enter the site, they shall cooperate with the owner and the engineering supervisor to inspect and review them item by item, and sign the re inspection and review report together. Unqualified products shall not be allowed to enter the construction site

(3) the equipment and tools used for processing shall meet the requirements for the processing accuracy of curtain wall components, and their measuring tools shall be regularly calibrated

2。 2. In the processing stage

(1) the construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the design drawings, standards and relevant construction specifications. The drawings and construction contents shall not be changed without the approval of the design unit or the owner

(2) for divisional and sectional works, the construction technical disclosure shall be carried out first, and the three inspection systems of self inspection, sampling inspection and special inspection shall be adhered to. If the previous process is unqualified, it shall not be transferred to the next process. Take the excellent standard as the working standard of the team and individual, be meticulous, not rough, and put an end to rework and Jerry building

(3) timely fill in self inspection, special inspection reports, construction records and situation records, and keep the original data for filing

(4) the structural adhesive used must have a quality guarantee. The weatherproof adhesive shall be the product of the same manufacturer. After purchase, it shall be kept according to the ex factory date. Those in the first place shall be used first. It is strictly prohibited to use expired structural adhesive and weatherproof adhesive

(5) anti corrosion treatment measures. The surfaces of all steel connectors (supports) must be subject to hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion treatment

2。 3 installation stage

(1) to ensure that the civil structure meets the requirements of relevant structural construction and acceptance specifications, the building structure must be measured and the size and position of embedded parts must be rechecked before installation

(2) the goods arriving at the construction site shall not be collided and damaged during handling and hoisting, especially the glass surface shall not be polluted. After entering the site, the materials shall be stored by category, kept uniformly, and placed on the special rack or skid according to the variety and specification

(3) the components shall be inspected and corrected, and the unqualified components shall not be installed

(4) conduct self inspection on the installed components in time, and adjust them in time in case of problems; After the concealed works are completed and accepted by the supervision unit, the construction of the next process can be carried out

(5) make self inspection records for inspection and take them as one of the completion acceptance data

2. 4 installation quality management measures

(1) implement a special visa system for the construction and installation of the following key projects. The installation position, perpendicularity, horizontal elevation, access position, distance deviation between two adjacent columns, horizontal elevation deviation of columns on the same floor, etc. of the connectors and columns on each floor shall be rechecked by the special inspection personnel. Only after they meet the requirements and sign for approval, can the connectors be fully welded and the fastening nuts be spot welded

after the connection is welded, the construction personnel must knock out the welding slag and self inspect the weld, and the special inspection personnel shall sign for approval after passing the re inspection. Then the special inspection personnel shall fill in the curtain wall concealed acceptance form, and the anti-corrosion treatment can be carried out after the re inspection by the quality supervision department. After the curtain wall plate is installed, the special inspector shall recheck its levelness, the horizontal elevation deviation of the plate on the same floor and the deviation of the entire facade and the facade control line. If there is any deviation, it shall be adjusted to meet the design requirements. After all the installation is completed, the re inspection is qualified, and the special inspection personnel sign for approval, the special inspection personnel shall fill in the concealed acceptance form, and the installation of aluminum plate and glass can only be carried out after the re inspection by the quality supervision department

(2) for the installation of steel frames and plates, as well as concealed works such as lightning protection, expansion joints, settlement joints, edge and bottom sealing nodes of curtain walls, it is necessary to fill in the curtain wall intermediate acceptance form and submit it to the owner and supervisor for acceptance. The owner and supervisor will also give the extruder industry endless development power after acceptance, and then submit it to the joint development and Reform Commission and other departments to issue the action plan for promoting the development of automotive power battery industry for review by the quality inspection department

(3) all materials, accessories and components used in the project shall be checked by the material keeper according to the specified requirements. Only when the materials are complete can they be put into storage, registered and issued for use

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