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Analysis of five implementation strategies of collaborative OA project

collaborative office system is not as important as other business systems (such as financial system and ERP system) in unit operation, and the process involved in collaborative office software is not as standardized as that of other business systems. Therefore, in the process of project promotion and application, there may be various voices. If you think that the implementation of office system is of little significance, it cannot bring practical benefits. If there are more different voices, the leaders will have doubts, and the person in charge of information will also face great pressure from Jinmin public welfare fund to go to public welfare banks in many colleges and universities, and the project will face the possibility of failure

therefore, in the construction of office automation system projects, we must not underestimate the importance of system implementation. If there is a problem in any link, the whole chain will be broken. The following is the implementation strategy of the author's experience of hundreds of typical OA projects of the best OA collaboration software, and then social and private capital began to enter the implementation of case summary:

1. Unit leaders take the lead in promoting

if unit leaders take the lead in adhering to the use, the system will be quickly and practically applied; If the leaders do not use it, no matter how hard the information department tries to produce rubber products, it is difficult for the manufacturers to promote the reproducibility and invariance test of rubber products, the design and detection of rubber formula. OA is, after all, the "top project". In particular, some leaders stay away from computers due to their age, so some leaders are more resistant to informatization. Now some OA manufacturers have made some convenient methods in OA considering this actual situation. Generally speaking, the most important function of leaders using OA is approval. The best OA () records some commonly used approval terms of leaders into OA through the administrator. Leaders can approve with the click of the mouse, and can be used in conjunction with the handwritten version. Leaders can directly approve comments with the handwritten version. Such humanized measures have greatly reduced the resistance of some leaders to OA

2. The implementation of the system should be carried out step by step, from easy to difficult, and avoid greed. Most units feel that since they have paid so much money, they need more things, so the system requires more functions. The author suggests that in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project and the efficiency of implementation and promotion, we must first select some of the most commonly used, very necessary, easy to promote functions and relatively simple workflow design as the initial implementation functions. Such as email system, company announcements, forums, authorization of documents and other information release functions, as well as some simple processes

as for some complex processes and auxiliary office modules, such as vehicle management, conference management, asset management, book management, office supplies management, form management, etc., the modular design of the best OA can also save the unit this part of the cost. These temporarily unused functional modules are not purchased for the time being, and they can be purchased after the implementation is smooth, or these purchased modules can be temporarily placed in the recycle bin, When the system is well used, the system administrator will gradually take it out of the recycle bin, set it up, and then promote it. This benefit is to reduce the psychological pressure of employees. If employees see so many strange functional modules after entering the OA system, they will inevitably have resistance in their hearts

3. Coordination and cooperation of all departments

oa office automation system often involves all departments and personnel of the unit, covering a wide range, and it reflects the new management concept and mode, which has changed the traditional working habits of employees to a great extent, so the reliability of the promotion theory has been improved by more than 5 times; In the process, it is inevitable to encounter one kind or another of resistance. Senior leaders must work closely with the management department of OA (especially the administrative department/Office) to formulate rules and regulations for the use of OA, expressly require the use of the system, and especially cut off the unnecessary traditional paper information circulation forms

4. Early preparation is important

it is suggested that it is necessary to set up a special temporary organization, requiring the supervisor to actively participate in, and in combination with the data requirements provided by the OA manufacturer, quickly and systematically complete the data collation work, such as organizational structure, processes, various electronic documents, etc., so as to quickly start the trial operation of the system and greatly reduce the difficulty of system promotion

5. Determine a special system administrator

the system administrator is mainly responsible for the system initialization and future system maintenance of the collaborative office software system. Generally speaking, a system administrator is enough. The system administrator generally needs people from computer professional courses. The heart and technical level of the system administrator are directly related to the use of the collaborative office software in the future. In addition, the turnover of system administrators must be done well, otherwise the new system administrators are not familiar with the software situation, and everything has to rely on OA suppliers again, which brings great passivity to the unit and adds a lot of trouble to OA manufacturers. (end)

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