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Zhuhai SEG: an analysis of e-commerce in printing plants

enterprise development, e-commerce has made great contributions

General Manager SEG Huang came to Zhuhai after graduation in 1996. He came to Zhuhai from a design major. He was successively engaged in design work in cosmetics companies, advertising companies and printing plants. At that time, with his energy and strength, he accumulated enough funds to establish an advertising company in just three years. In less than 7 years, it expanded its field to the printing service industry and created SEG printing factory. Now, young and promising, he owns a printing factory and an advertising company, including: undertaking advertising design and printing services

in Mr. Huang's view, most of today's achievements are inseparable from the role of e-commerce, in addition to their pragmatic and hardworking efforts. Because of his youth and occupation, president Huang came into contact with e-commerce earlier and also had a strong interest in e-commerce

since 2006, SEG has officially entered e-commerce. From the initial business express, to later promotion on Baidu and Alibaba, and then to the recent addition of Pearl River printing, the convenience and efficiency of e-commerce have played a great role in promoting the development of seg

insightful, deep understanding of using e-commerce

having tasted the benefits of e-commerce, president Huang also has a very deep understanding of e-commerce. He believes that the printing industry station to better help printing enterprises to promote, first of all, to start the popularity of the station, the function should have prominent advantages, and the amount of information should be large. At the same time, people in the printing industry should know what effect the station can bring to printing enterprises. President Huang gave us an example. Zhu'ao published the demand in Zhujiang printing, and we just paid attention to their information. Later, we reached a cooperation. This avoids the trouble of finding a printing factory for Zhuhai and Macao. For us, it is actually mutually beneficial for both sides to earn money and save transportation costs

then, how can more printing enterprises pay attention to and use e-commerce platforms? A good e-commerce platform can help enterprises and even serve the whole industry. It is a bridge between printing enterprises and customers. Mr. Huang said that not long after we did the networking promotion, enterprises from Harbin, Canada and other places came to us. E-commerce for development planning: it is very useful and brings many benefits to enterprises. I will recommend it to friends and other colleagues. Of course, the market of e-commerce is huge, and more research is needed to make full use of its advantages. At present, the SEG team is still small. Although there are special personnel responsible for e-commerce, it is far from enough

as for the problems mentioned by the author that many printing enterprises are unwilling to try e-commerce and do not understand or understand e-commerce enough, Mr. Huang said that many people in the printing industry have deep-rooted traditional ideas and do not know how network promotion brings orders, inherent habits and an attitude of being content with the status quo, and are satisfied with existing customers, It is a common phenomenon that we cannot accept the price transparency and fierce market competition brought by e-commerce. He pointed out that the more they refuse to accept and reject e-commerce, the more competitive pressure enterprises will face in the future

e-commerce will become the inevitable trend of enterprise development

E-commerce makes the cost of enterprise production more and more transparent. Many young people will compare product prices and choose manufacturers with price advantages to cooperate. The market competition will become increasingly fierce. Enterprises that do not need e-commerce will be eliminated by e-commerce in the future. Mr. Huang told us that SEG would purchase raw materials in Guangzhou, Jiangmen and other surrounding areas as long as it purchased more than 10000 yuan. 10000 yuan of materials could save about 4000 yuan. If the cost was reduced, it would actually be profitable. Mr. Huang calculated an account for us. The enterprise only needs to invest twoorthree yuan in the e-commerce platform a year, but after receiving oneortwo large orders, it has made more than this amount. Such investment is apportioned every day, which can be said to be minimal, but the effect is obvious

at present, many people still have a vague understanding of e-commerce. The awareness of enterprises using e-commerce, especially printing enterprises, needs to be strengthened, but if enterprises have always refused e-commerce, they will regret it in the future. President Huang affirmed that e-commerce will be the inevitable trend of enterprise development. More and more enterprises use e-commerce, which also shows that the targeted development of new special metal materials

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