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Informatization analysis: how can ERP improve the company's performance?

when demonstrating the value of ERP, the biggest hope ERP brings to enterprises is that ERP can play a good role in promoting the process from the company receiving the order to the completion of the order. This is why we call ERP the background system. ERP generally does not involve front office sales. Now many ERP manufacturers have developed special CRM software to deal with this business

after receiving an order, ERP will realize some automatic processing at different stages of order fulfillment according to the system process. When a customer service representative enters an order information into the ERP system, he can immediately obtain the necessary information to complete the order. For example, the customer's credit rating, the historical order information from the financial module, the inventory situation from the inventory module, the shipment arrangement from the logistics module, and so on

the information seen by different departments is the same and can be updated. When a department completes its relevant order processing process, the ERP system will automatically transfer the order to another department. And you can also track the current order node through ERP system. Happily, the processing of orders is like lightning shuttling between departments. Compared with the past, customers can get faster order processing with a lower error rate. ERP can make other main business processes produce the same magical effect, such as human resource management and financial statements. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in the field of material testing in China. However, this is only an ideal of ERP, and the reality is much more difficult

let's take a specific look. Although the process processing has not improved the efficiency, the work has been simplified a lot. Finance is finance, and inventory is inventory. Even if there is a problem, it is also the problem of other departments. After using ERP, the customer service representative doesn't mean to enter a customer's name into the computer and then press enter. The ERP screen makes them busy. The customer's credit rating from the financial department and the inventory information from the warehouse keep flashing on the screen. Can the customer pay on time? Can we deliver on time? These questions were not considered by customer service representatives before, and these answers affected customers and other departments of the company. This not only makes customer service representatives have to wake up. Inventory managers used to only need to record inventory information in their minds or books. Now they have to enter it into the system. If they don't do so, the customer service representative will see on the screen. Please log in to the DuPont high performance materials division station to learn more relevant information. The low inventory warning will also tell the customer that their demand is now out of inventory. It should be noted that heart and communication have never been so important as they are now

<1 generally, the speed regulation range is narrow. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed p> people don't like to change, but ERP insists that they change the work done by bamboo powder in the early stage of heating. This is why the ability of ERP has not been brought into full play. Software itself is far less important than changing business processes. If you can use ERP system to promote your business processes, such as order processing, product production, transportation and billing, then you will see the value of this software. However, if you simply install a software without changing anyone's way of working, you won't see any value brought by the software. In fact, due to the new installation of systems that people are not familiar with, and the replacement of software that people are already familiar with, the final result is lower work efficiency. (end)

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