The world's first vertical lift forklift is the mo

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The world's first vertical lift forklift is what China's innovation should look like.

the world's first vertical lift forklift is what China's innovation should look like.

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Liugong test site in Liuzhou, Guangxi. A yellow loader with a somewhat "different" appearance is "hidden" in a corner of the site, sitting back and forth every day with a single boring action. The completion time and times of each action, Are recorded in detail

on the test field, Liugong vl80a vertical lifting loader

has been going on for several years, and the protagonist is this Liugong VL series vertical loader that may rewrite the "world loader technology history"

The principle of the vertical loader is not new. It is quite similar to the sliding loader that Liugong is good at. However, the decrease in the order amount is chemical machinery, including refrigeration machinery (45.4%) (all in brackets are compared with the same month of last year). This working principle is grafted onto the loader, and Liugong is indeed the first in the world; It took eight years for the idea to come out of the production line. It seems that the gains are not worth the losses in leading the country. After more than half a century of loader technology upgrading, Liu Gong will once again become a pioneer and benchmark

the person who "directed" this major change is Edward Wagner, director of Liugong new technology laboratory. Wagner is one of the representatives of more and more "foreign R & D personnel" of Liugong, and won the Friendship Award of the Chinese government in 2017. In the view of this American, the vertical loader represents an important technological change in the global loader industry, and also makes the "lifting weight and speed" of the loader have been greatly improved

in overseas markets, Liugong vertical lifting loader has attracted much attention.

"lifting principle"

unlike ordinary loaders, the bucket of the vertical lifting loader walks a "straight line between two points" rather than a traditional arc when lifting heavy objects. "The shortest straight line between two points" undoubtedly means higher work efficiency

in addition, the "load-bearing" capacity of the vertical lifting loader is also lighter. For example, "when lifting weights, we use the bending of our elbows to lift them directly, rather than drawing a circle like an ordinary loader. Obviously, the bending of our elbows to lift them vertically can save energy and lift them heavier and higher."

to put it bluntly, "if an ordinary loader can lift up to 5 tons, how can a vertical lifting loader with the same size or even lighter self weight lift up to 7 tons easily and save more fuel." Wagner said, "in addition to the above advantages, the vertical equipment is suitable for lifting copper plastic plates for building curtain walls and indoor and outdoor decoration, and is no different from ordinary loaders in terms of shovel force and reliability."

at present, Liugong has launched two vertical lift loaders, vl70a and vl80a.

seven years of grinding.

Wagner is still employed by Liugong, and the proposal of the "vertical lift loader" as the leader can also be traced back to 2010

Liu Gong, who is steady, has always been decisive and bold in innovation and technology. Breaking the traditional loader design idea means that in addition to paying a lot of R & D and manufacturing costs, more experience and resources of "market cultivation and guidance" must be invested

◆ in 2016, Liugong's first vertical lifting loader - vl70a came offline

◆ in 2017, Liugong's second product vl80a successfully completed 1600 hour working condition adaptability test and 7500 hour reliability test

in the European and American markets that attach great importance to "technology" and "efficiency", Liugong vertical lift loaders have successfully opened a market and won user acceptance. In the Chinese market, Liugong vertical loader has successfully won 35 domestic invention patents, and vl80a has also been listed in the domestic Journal of national major technical equipment

Edward Wagner, technical director of Liugong test

5T is used for 7T, 6T is used for 8t

the vertical lifting loader with innovative technology and structure can achieve larger tipping load and loading capacity with lighter overall weight than the traditional loader, and the tipping load is increased by 30%, The lifting capacity of the working device is increased by 30% - that is, the design of the refrigeration system can use the energy conditioning technology to achieve the working capacity of 7 tons with the cooperation of 5 tons, and the working capacity of 8 tons loader with the configuration of 6 tons loader, so as to achieve higher lifting height and greater lifting force under the same power consumption and reduce fuel consumption

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