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Analysis of key elements of network video monitoring system selection

with the progress of society, video monitoring is more and more widely used in various fields, and video monitoring system has also experienced three times. At present, the third generation network video monitoring system represented by network cameras and video servers has made great progress, its share in the global market has increased rapidly, and it has gradually been widely used in projects around the world, The safe city and global eye projects across the country have set off a climax of online video applications. Online video manufacturers have mushroomed across the country. A large number of online video monitoring product brands have emerged in the market. Other IT manufacturers or traditional industries have also joined the competition in the online video industry, and have launched their own online video products and solutions. In the face of many network video surveillance products in the market, it has always been a headache for engineers and end users to choose products and solutions. I hope that through the analysis of the key elements of network video surveillance system selection, we can give engineers and end users some suggestions to choose their own products and solutions

first of all, we will make a brief review of the development stage of the video surveillance system, so that system integrators and engineers can recommend the most suitable products and system solutions to customers according to the actual situation of the project needs and project budget

video surveillance also reminds operators that the control system has experienced three stages of development. The first generation video surveillance system is an analog system constructed by closed-circuit television system, which is composed of cameras, monitors, tape recorders, etc. because it cannot control the front end, it is expensive, complex operation and management, poor expansion ability, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of a larger system, it has been gradually eliminated

the second generation video monitoring system is a video monitoring system with digital hard disk video equipment as the core. The front end of digital hard disk video recorder adopts analog camera, and the back end adopts digital signal control and hard disk as storage medium. Information retrieval and query are convenient, and the control is flexible. At present, it is the main way of video monitoring, which has been widely used and developed. Because the system network structure is a single function, one-way, centralized information collection network and the characteristics of special media, the system has developed to a very high level relative to its own technical limit, and there is not much potential to tap, but its limitations still exist. To meet higher requirements, digitalization is the only way

the third generation video monitoring system -- digital network video monitoring system. The key design of digital video surveillance system rdquo; Tang chuanrudder, general manager of Tongling Guochuan Electronic Material Technology Co., Ltd., said that the equipment is a video server and a network camera, which adopts an embedded real-time multitasking operating system. The video signal sent by the camera is compressed and encoded by an efficient compression chip, and sent to the network interface through the internal bus. Users on the network can directly use the PC to watch the images taken by the camera sent by the video server with a browser, Authorized users can also control the action of camera lens and PTZ through the computer network through the video server or configure the system

technically, the network video monitoring system involves computer technology, traditional CCTV, network technology, anti-theft alarm technology, system integration of other weak points, etc. it is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive multidisciplinary system engineering. In designing the network video monitoring system, we can describe and analyze the front-end monitoring equipment, network transmission resources, system platform software functions, network planning, storage mechanism and other aspects. Now, combined with the specific functions of the network video products of Shenzhen Jingyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd., we focus on the matters needing attention in the selection of the front-end network camera

operating system

network video monitoring system is generally used for long-distance and large-scale monitoring, and the monitoring equipment needs to run continuously for a long time, which puts forward particularly high requirements for the stability of front-end equipment. A stable network camera needs a stable operating system, and undoubtedly embedded Linux operating system is an excellent choice. At present, most of the network cameras in the market are embedded operating systems, which adopt the kernel above linux2.6. Because Linux is free software and open source code, it has been the first choice of network video operating system because of its low cost, high security and strong portability. At present, it is also an aspect of judging the advantages and disadvantages of network cameras

audio and video compression formats

at present, there are many compression formats for network cameras. The mainstream image compression formats in the market include H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, JPEG, MPEG-2, etc. each compression method has its own characteristics. The difference of compression format directly determines the quality and bandwidth occupation of image. At present, the mainstream compression format is H.264. H. 264, which is composed of Dow and DuPont's agricultural sectors, has raised the image compression technology to a higher stage and can provide high-quality image transmission on a lower bandwidth. This advantage is very suitable for the situation of large number of domestic operators and relatively limited access/backbone bandwidth. Under the same image quality, H.264 saves an average of 64% of the transmission code stream compared with the previous generation coding standard MPEG2, and 39% of the transmission code stream compared with MPEG4 ASP. Many IPTV business operators around the world take H.264 as the standard of encoding and decoding format, including Belgium Telecom, Netherlands KPN, Thailand ADC Telecom, China Telecom and so on. For system integrators and end-users who have experienced a continuous decline in PPI for as long as four years, we need to pay attention to one thing. Although many manufacturers in the market claim that their web cameras are H.264 compressed format, they are not necessarily standard H.264, non-standard H.264 web cameras. It is recommended that users must choose the standard H.264 compressed format, Standard H.264 image compression format images can be played through standard streaming media playback software, and can be connected to multi brand monitoring system. H. 264 image code stream occupies relatively low bandwidth. The video camera image compression format of Shenzhen Jingyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. adopts standard H.264, and the audio adopts g723.1/6.3kbps compression algorithm. The image code stream is as low as 4kb/S. if high audio and video compression is rare in the market at present, it is conceivable that it can transmit audio and video synchronization signals well under 3G network

rich external interfaces and perfect product functions

the network camera also needs to have rich external interfaces to provide customers with more value-added functions, such as providing external alarm input and output interfaces; Bidirectional audio interface; Analog video output interface; Support miniSD card storage; Support Poe power supply; RS485 PTZ control interface. Rich interfaces can meet the special needs of industry users, bring unexpected surprises to system integrators and users, and meet specific functions

a fully open SDK development kit provides a complete solution.

the camcorder must be able to provide a fully open SDK development kit. The quality of the SDK development kit directly determines the flexibility and stability of the system management platform software. At present, many network video manufacturers in the market can provide SDK development packages, but many manufacturers' SDK development packages are relatively poor compatibility. SDK development packages can only be compatible with the latest version of products, not with previous versions of hardware products. Different network cameras in Shenzhen have different SDK development packages. At present, this situation is common among some manufacturers who have just set foot in network video surveillance. Therefore, for system integrators, before development, they need to make an evaluation of the SDK development kit of network cameras. In addition, they also need to understand the years that network camera manufacturers have set foot in network surveillance and the technical support capabilities they need. Jingyang can not only provide users with perfect SDK development packages, but also integrate network video products into other system platforms; At the same time, Jingyang also provides a complete network video solution for a wide range of industry users, and can provide special solutions for special occasions. Jingyangluo video solution is cost-effective, flexible, scalable, and can stand the test of the future, and can be easily integrated with other systems such as access control and building management systems

product security management mechanism

network video products generally need to be connected to local areas or even interconnected for remote access, which puts forward particularly high requirements for the security of network cameras. At present, the network camera security management mechanism in the market only has the function of multi-level user name and password protection, allowing authorized users to access and modify the configuration of network cameras. Such a security protection mechanism is not enough. Generally, it also needs to have IP address filtering, HTTPS data encryption algorithm, and des/3des and other functions for network cameras that support wireless transmission. The sub network video manufacturers in the upper part of the market have perfect log management functions, and the IP information and operation records of login users are recorded in detail for system query. The several security management mechanisms we mentioned here are mainly for the front-end network camera, and for the entire network video monitoring system, other parts need to cooperate to implement the security management mechanism. For example, the network transmission department needs to increase the corresponding firewall software and hardware, and the background management software industry needs to provide the corresponding network security management mechanism, so as to strengthen the security management transactions of users, so as to prevent the leakage of security management passwords and other events. Only in this way can we ensure the safety of the whole network video monitoring system

product remote upgrade and maintenance

for network video, product upgrade and maintenance is also a very important thing. A good network video product can provide a variety of firmware upgrade methods, such as FTP, HTTP, tool management software batch upgrade firmware and other methods. Flexible and diverse upgrade methods can bring customers a lot of convenience, and can be flexibly managed according to their preferences. For the network video products, how to maintain the products after failure is also a very important issue. Whether the system alarms when the products fail, whether the products have a heartbeat mechanism, and actively sending device information to the platform management software is also a very important aspect. What you worry about, Shenzhen Jingyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has taken into account for you, and you can use it without worry

perfect system supporting tool software

for a good network video product, it is also necessary to provide customers with supporting tool management software, such as convenient IP address setting and search management software, firmware upgrade management software, storage capacity calculation management software, PDA handheld computer on-site debugging camera management software, etc., which brings convenience to customers' special applications through various management software. Through these details, we can observe the professionalism of a company's network video surveillance products, and see the service level of a company from another test. I think if you choose such a product and such a management system first, you can basically have no worries about the future

as one of the founders of network video technology, Jingyang digital has a large number of excellent partner enterprises all over the world, whether in CCTV industry or IT industry. Working together with these partners, Jingyang can provide ideal video solutions for your current and future needs. Jingyang has a large number of experienced technical experts and outstanding partners, which can meet your needs in online video. (end)

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