Despite criticism, the hottest glass curtain wall

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Despite criticism, glass curtain wall is still the mainstream and preferred material for super high-rise buildings

a curtain wall forum was held in Shanghai recently. The exchange and discussion of experts attending the forum showed that glass curtain wall is still the mainstream mode and preferred material for super high-rise buildings at present

glass curtain wall is a major breakthrough in modern architectural technology. In recent 20 years, the development momentum is fast. Let's see how giant BASF solves it. Although the curtain wall glass was once criticized for light reflection pollution and structural glue falling off, with the promotion of low reflection glass, the improvement of silica gel materials, the change of structural form and so on, the problems of light pollution and safety have been gradually overcome. The glass curtain wall has become an important form of building envelope at present, especially in some high-rise and super high-rise buildings, because of its many advantages such as elegance, durability and efficient assembly, Glass curtain wall takes the lead with incomparable advantages in other forms. Whether it is the newly built Shanghai World Financial Building in China or the Guangzhou TV Tower Project under construction, almost all of the current super high-rise buildings are dominated by glass curtain walls. China is currently the largest curtain wall manufacturer and construction user in the world. In 2006, 60million square meters of curtain walls were constructed nationwide, and the output value of curtain walls was about 100billion yuan. Last year, the export volume of curtain walls in China reached 30billion yuan

the 2008 Shanghai curtain wall forum was organized by the Shanghai Association of architects and building materials entrepreneurs. The topic of the forum is "architects and curtain walls", highlighting the contributions and roles of architects and architects hidden behind building curtain walls. The experts also discussed the "safety, environmental protection, green, color and energy conservation" of curtain walls. The new composite copper plate materials of Shanghai Huayuan new composite materials company, the champion porcelain plate dry hanging technology of Yixin ceramics (China) company, and the automatic control of breathable glass curtain wall of British 21 intelligent control (making it an open-loop system secondrol) were also displayed and exchanged at the forum

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