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The World Association of news papwr is a global Newspaper Association. Since 1987, the world press Federation has published an annual survey report on the global newspaper industry, reflecting the development of the newspaper industry in 64 countries

the 2000 annual report issued by the world press Federation pointed out that the declining trend of the circulation of newspapers in the world has basically ended, the sales of newspapers in many countries have shown an upward trend, and the advertising revenue of the newspaper industry has increased significantly. In the past 10 years, the sharp decline in global newspaper circulation has slowed down, and newspaper circulation in many countries has begun to grow, which has become more obvious. In 1999, the global newspaper circulation decreased by only 0.1%, equivalent to 1/5 of the decline rate in 1998 and 1/10 of the decline rate in 1997

for a long time, the circulation of newspapers in the European Union and Western Europe has been shrinking, while the number of newspaper readers in Western Europe actually increased by 1% in 1999. The circulation of newspapers in eastern and central Europe has been in negative growth for many years, and now shows a strong growth momentum. For example, in 1999, Russia added 45 new newspapers, and the circulation of newspapers increased by 4.4%; 0.4 the circulation of newspapers in Ukraine doubled; In other countries, the circulation of newspapers is growing, with an increase of 5% to 23%

in 1999, the circulation of newspapers in the United States was still negative growth, with a growth rate of -0.4%, but compared with 1998, the negative growth rate was reduced by more than half

in 1999, the circulation of newspapers in Latin American countries such as Brazil and Colombia was growing steadily

the circulation of newspapers in Asian countries has fluctuated significantly due to the impact of the financial crisis. Japan's economy is sluggish, and the growth of newspaper circulation is weak. With the development of Asia and other regions, the circulation of household newspapers in China has increased at an alarming rate, with an increasing coverage

among the 54 countries surveyed, newspaper sales increased in 25 countries, while newspaper sales were flat in 2 countries. Some countries have maintained growth for 2-4 consecutive years

see Table 1 for the order of the top five according to the total daily sales of domestic newspapers in various countries (10000 copies)

According to the 2000 annual report, worldwide, newspaper advertising revenue increased by 18.8% in 1999 compared with 1997, and is expected to exceed 20% in 2000. Newspapers are taking advantage of the opportunities provided by electronic information media and networks to develop their strengths and circumvent their weaknesses, innovate and create, give play to their competitive advantages and increase advertising revenue. Newspapers in many countries are recovering their lost advertising market share. The total advertising revenue of newspapers in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region has exceeded the peak in 1980

Table 1 the top five countries in terms of the total daily sales of domestic newspapers, the construction principle of the mechanical tensile testing machine

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country name Japan, India, the United States, China, Germany

domestic newspaper sales

total sales/10000 copies 72216000 5597.95000 2456.5

among the original 33 countries that can be exempted from providing comparable data in 1999, the advertising revenue of 24 countries increased and the newspaper advertising revenue of 9 countries decreased. Among the 13 EU countries, newspaper advertising revenue increased in 12 countries, and the growth rate in some countries was double-digit

in 1999, the advertising revenue of newspapers in Asian developing countries generally increased by a large margin

in 1999, the amount of newspaper advertising investment in the United States, Europe and Japan was $46.289 billion, 20.061 billion and 6.552 billion respectively

in 1999, the share of newspaper advertising in the total advertising market in 22 countries increased. Eight countries' newspaper advertising revenue reached or exceeded 50% of their total advertising market revenue

With the prosperity of Internet, electronic information media will eventually replace the traditional print information media, which was once a hot topic of the margin. The report of the World Press Association points out that the distribution of newspapers is accompanied by the popularity of online media, and the online editions of many well-known newspapers dominate the online media. In many countries, especially in developing countries, the number of newspaper stations has increased significantly, which has promoted the growth of newspaper circulation. A member of the World Press Association said, "if newspapers really disappear (which is impossible in the foreseeable future), who can provide such rich content to online media?"

the rise in newspaper sales in many countries has brought opportunities and vitality to the world paper market. In 1999, the world paper output was 37.81 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 4.27%. The world paper output in 2000 is estimated to increase on the basis of 1999

in 1999, the average annual consumption of paper figurines in the world was 6.32kg. The average annual consumption of paper figurines in various regions of the world is uneven, ranging from 0.58 to 41.63 kg. Some developed countries in North America and Western Europe have higher consumption levels, while some countries and developing countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa have lower consumption levels. This imbalance, especially in developing countries with rapid economic development, often becomes the driving force for the development of paper production

1999 was a turning year for the world paper market from difficult to active. From December 1998 to August 1999, the price of paper on the world market fell by 125 US dollars/t, while the price of paper in the eastern United States was only 480 US dollars/t at that time. Such a low price makes paper production unproductive

in 1999, the global economy operated healthily, and the accompanying effect of the network and newspapers promoted the increase of newspaper advertising. The paper price increased by $50/t, which was in place smoothly

at the same time, the Asian economy is already recovering, and the consumption of paper in Asia is rising again. In order to meet domestic demand, Asian paper exporting countries cut exports, affecting the reduction of paper imports in the United States. For the same reason, North American countries have guaranteed domestic demand and reduced exports. In 1999, US paper exports fell by 19.3%, while Canadian paper exports fell by 11.7%. In the international market, paper supply is in short supply, and this situation has been brought into 2000

the year 2000 can be said to be the golden year of the paper market. From the beginning, the tight supply of paper has increased unabated, and the paper inventory of paper mills and newspapers has decreased month by month. According to the agreement between the supplier and the demander, the price of paper will increase by $50/t from April. At that time. All paper mills are running at full capacity, shortening downtime, increasing operating rate and striving to increase production. At that time, the operating rate of North American paper mills was as high as about 100%. However, due to the small amount of new capacity put into production, Abitibi consolidated company (hereinafter referred to as a-c company), the world's leading paper production company, announced that it would permanently shut down the poor production capacity with an annual output of 400000 tons of paper after the acquisition and merger of Donohue company. Another large paper production enterprise, Bowater company, also quietly changed part of its paper production capacity to LWC paper, paving the way for the second price increase of paper (US $50/t) in September 2000. It also announced that it plans to further raise the price by $50/t in March 2001

after September 2000, the price of paper in North America has reached US $610/t, an increase of 27% compared with the price 12 months ago. The price of paper in Asia is also higher than that in North America

in the second half of 2000, the economic growth of the United States slowed down, the red stock of the newspaper industry increased, and the hot market demand was alleviated to protect the service life of the experimental machine. The newspaper industry took a wait-and-see attitude towards the paper price. The paper mill adopted the method of reducing production and ensuring price, and maintained the paper price of 610 US dollars/t until the beginning of 2001. The operating rate of the paper mill has also been reduced by the previous Fengshike inspection oil, especially the cold heading of large-size m27-m366 corner head, which requires a great impulse pump

by the first committee in 2001, it was clear that the slowdown of global economic growth had become a phenomenon. The growth rate of the American economy in the South was 4.8% in the first half of 2000 and 2.4% in the second half of 2000, a decrease of half. According to the recent prediction of the International Fund (IMF), the global economic growth rate in 2001 was 3.2%, 0.6% in Japan, 1.5% in the United States, 2.4% in the European Union and 5.0% in Asia. The average economic growth rate of developing countries in the world is 5.0%, while that of China is 7.3%. According to the figures released by Eurostat, the EU economic growth rate in 2000 was 3.3%, and the forecast for 2001 was 2.5%~3.0%, higher than the IMF forecast. And surpass the economic growth rate of the United States for the first time

in the second quarter of 2001, a-c company's originally announced plan to raise the price of paper by $50/t in March was resisted by major newspaper companies, which could not be fully realized. Instead, it reduced the price increase and increased the price of paper to $635/t in order to recover the lost order

the trend of the post paper market this year is mainly determined by the following factors:

● the economic growth trend of all regions and countries around the world

● the growth of production capacity and the balance between high speed and market demand

● industrial structure and management ability of paper industry

on the whole, with the global economic growth decelerating, the paper consumption in the United States and Japan may decrease, the paper consumption in Europe may increase moderately, and the hot spot of paper consumption will still be developing countries in Asia

in recent years, the world's paper industry may have the best health in the whole paper industry through mergers and acquisitions, elimination of bad production capacity, improvement of concentration, optimization of industrial structure and strengthening of industrial management. In the past few years, the new capacity planned to be put into operation in the poultry logistics department is not much, the supply and demand balance of the market may be reasonably and effectively controlled and adjusted, and the paper price may not fluctuate violently, but fluctuate up and down within a relatively stable and moderate range

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