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Detailed classification of industrial cameras

the imaging source (Chinese name yingmeijing), an internationally renowned industrial camera manufacturer, is a multinational enterprise from Germany. Its machine vision software and hardware products based on industrial cameras have been highly praised and favored by customers all over the world for their excellent cost performance and stable and reliable quality. Most of the national standards for stainless steel materials stipulate tensile tests and hardness tests at the same time. Industrial cameras alone contain more than 100 different models. This article introduces the classification of the imaging source industrial cameras for readers and users to choose according to different needs

the imaging source's cameras can be divided into industrial cameras, zoom industrial cameras, and OEM industrial cameras according to their functions and application fields

industrial cameras can be divided into USB2.0, 1394 FireWire and GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) according to the data interface, and each of them can be divided into black and white, color and Bayer (color but without infrared filter) models according to the color. The normal force required for each model has three levels of resolution: 640x4801024x768 and 1280x960. In each level, it can be divided into ordinary type, out of band trigger and digital i/o interface. It is worth mentioning that some models of GigE industrial cameras have adaptive aperture, which makes it possible for the camera to output images with stable quality under lighting conditions with changing light

zoom industrial cameras, also known as autofocus cameras and zoom cameras, all use 1394 data interfaces, so the classification is relatively simple, only black and white, color and Bayer three categories, and the resolution is only 640x480 and 1024x768. The difference of this series of cameras is not only that the user can adjust the focal length of the built-in electric lens group through the control software or SDK, but also that the lens group can automatically adjust the focal length according to the movement of the target in the automatic mode, so that the camera's imaging of the target object is in the best quality. Similar to the industrial camera line, the zoom is used to a great extent. Some industrial cameras also provide external trigger and i/o interfaces for users to program by themselves

oem industrial cameras are basically the same as ordinary industrial cameras in terms of classification method. The biggest difference is that the number of OEM cameras already contains the OEM model of zoom industrial cameras, so its product list is slightly longer. OEM industrial cameras produced by the imaging source are favored in major markets around the world for their outstanding cost performance. Similar to the industrial camera line, some OEM industrial cameras also provide external trigger and i/o interfaces for users to program by themselves

the imaging source industrial camera adopts CCD and CMOS photosensitive chip. CMOS industrial cameras are slightly different from CCD industrial cameras in resolution. The highest resolution of CMOS series cameras can reach 2048x1536. For the same resolution, the price of CMOS camera is also lower than that of CCD camera, so CMOS industry leading enterprises have not yet formed industry. Cameras are often favored by budget sensitive projects

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