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Detailed definition of precision hardware


refers to machine parts or components made of hardware, as well as some hardware products. It can be used alone or as an aid. For example, hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, construction hardware and security supplies. Most hardware products are not final consumer goods. But as supporting products, semi-finished products and tools used in the production process of industrial manufacturing. Only a small part of daily hardware products (accessories) are tool consumer goods that people must live


hardware accessories are composed of the following parts: hinges, various handles, drawer slides, sliding doors, folding door rails and accessories, and other auxiliary accessories

part I hinge

hinge is also called hinge, which is divided into: ordinary hinge, spring hinge; Door hinge; Other hinges

1, hinge: it is what we often call a general hinge, which can be used for cabinet doors, windows, doors, etc

hinges can be divided into iron, copper and stainless steel in terms of material

in terms of specifications, it can be divided into: 2 "(50mm), 2.5" (65mm), 3 "(75mm), 4" (100mm), 5 "(125mm), 6" (150mm), 50-65mm. The hinges in the global new aircraft delivery volume are suitable for cabinets and wardrobe doors, 75mm for windows and screen doors, and 100-150mm for wooden doors and aluminum alloy doors in doors. The disadvantage of ordinary hinge is that it does not have the function of spring hinge. After installing the hinge, you must install all kinds of beads, otherwise the wind will blow the door panel. In addition, there are special hinges such as detachable hinges, flag hinges, H hinges and so on. They can be disassembled and installed according to various special needs of wooden doors, which are very convenient. They are divided into left-hand and right-hand types due to direction restrictions during use

2, spring hinge: mainly used for cabinet doors and wardrobe doors. It generally requires a plate thickness of 18-20mm

in terms of material, it can be divided into: galvanized iron, zinc alloy

in terms of performance, it can be divided into two types: hole drilling and no hole drilling. No hole is what we call bridge hinge. Bridge hinge looks like a bridge, so it is commonly known as bridge hinge. Its characteristic is that it does not need to drill holes in the door panel, and it is not limited by the style. Specifications: small, medium, large (at present, German heitisch has these products). Holes need to be punched, which is the spring hinge commonly used on the cabinet door at present. Its characteristics: the door panel must be perforated, and the door style is limited by the hinge. The door will not be opened by the wind after it is closed, and there is no need to install all kinds of contact spiders. The specifications are: &26, &35. There are detachable directional hinges and non detachable directional hinges. For example, glass 3703 full, 3704 half, etc. are detachable directional hinges, which are easy to install and flexible to disassemble. The door can be positioned at any angle when opening at will, and the service life is long. For example, Heidi's fork tail hinge does not have the function of unloading, such as full 09050, retail price of 9.80 yuan, half 09051, retail price of 10.36 yuan, internal 09052, retail price of 10.92 yuan. There is also Italian hinge a - ZNM full 4.68 yuan, half 4.68 yuan, and inside 5.18 yuan

spring hinges can be divided in shape: full cover (or straight arm, straight bend)

half cover (or curved arm, middle bend)

inner side (or big bend, big bend)

the hinge is attached with adjusting screws, which can adjust the height and thickness of the plate up and down, left and right. The distance between the two screw fixing holes on the side of the hole is generally 32mm, and the distance between the diameter side and both sides of the plate is 4mm (drawing). In addition, there are various special specifications of spring hinges, such as inner 45 degree hinge, outer 135 degree hinge, and open 175 degree hinge. For example, glass 342 specifications, 393 and 394 specifications, some of which are suitable for 30mm plate thickness, such as glass 366 and 368 specifications. Most of these hinges are imported goods, and the demand is not large due to the special products

3. Door hinge. It is divided into ordinary type and bearing type. The ordinary type has been mentioned above, and now the focus is on bearing type. Bearing type can be divided into copper and stainless steel from the material. In terms of specification: when 100x75125x75150x90100x100125x10150 is loaded with a large experimental force, if the experimental machine itself cannot support and is bent, the test cannot produce correct results. The thickness of X100 is 2.5mm and 3mm, and the bearings are two bearings and four bearings

judging from the current consumption situation, copper bearing hinges are used more, because they are beautiful, bright, affordable, and equipped with screws, such as copper 100x75, with a retail price of 27 yuan

4. Other hinges: there are table hinges, door hinges and glass hinges

the glass hinge is used to install on the frameless glass cabinet door, and the glass thickness is required to be no more than 5-6mm. The style has holes and has all the properties of spring hinges. Magnetic suction type and top-down type without holes are used, such as PepsiCo, magnetic glass hinge, etc

Part II various handles

there are two kinds of handles: one is installed on the gate, which we call the gate handle. One is installed on the cabinet, which we call furniture handle. There are few door handles in our supermarkets. The screws are pryed against each other. The door thickness is 12mm, which is suitable for frameless doors. They are made of copper, stainless steel and zinc alloy

the furniture handle is made of copper, wood, zinc alloy and plastic, with various colors and shapes. The installation screws need to be perforated on the board and fixed from the reverse side. The screws cannot be seen from the front. The standard length is 25mm. The thickness of the plate is required to be 18-22mm. In case of special needs, the screws can be lengthened, such as 30-40mm. When we introduce furniture handles, we must cater to customers' tastes, tentatively ask customers what colors and styles they like, and choose some products with novel styles and popular colors to customers according to the style and color of customers' furniture. Generally, the success rate is high

Part III drawer slide rail

whether the drawer is beautiful is a matter of personal preference, and the function and life depend on the slide rail

drawer slide rail material, which is iron plus baking paint, or zinc oxide

commonly used: supporting type, two and a half pull out, three full pull out

steel ball type, two and a half pull out, three full pull out

supporting type features: the rail is hidden at the bottom of the drawer, durable, friction free, noise free when sliding, and self closing

steel ball type features: it has smooth sliding, convenient installation, and is very durable. The special structure of the rail and the precision steel ball ensure the stability. It can be directly installed on the side plate or inserted into the groove of the side plate of the drawer (the groove height is 17 or 27mm). Their specifications are (mm) 25030035040045050550600. In addition, there are many special rails, such as frame rails, table ball rails, etc

Part IV sliding door, folding door track and accessories

as we all know, the biggest advantage of using sliding door is to save indoor space and make the indoor layout unique. The sliding door is easy to install, smooth and quiet to operate. Therefore, the sliding door track is popular with consumers in the market at present

the installation of folding door is similar to that of sliding door, but the utilization rate is not very high, so I will focus on the sliding door track

1, there are many brands of sliding door track, such as domestic ones such as dameihua made in Beijing, Jiashun made in Shanghai, imported ones such as Astro Boy from Japan, andeshun from Britain, Pinliang from Taiwan, etc., but they are used for the same purpose

2, the materials of sliding door track are: aluminum alloy, galvanized steel

3, styles: plug-in ceiling, side ceiling, monorail, double rail

4, composition, accessories and installation points of sliding door track

example: British Andersen guide rail, strong large monorail, made of galvanized steel, its maximum door load is 100 kg, its maximum door width is 1250mm, and its maximum door thickness is 20---50mm. Specifications are:

h100/1.5m, the maximum opening is 800mm:

h100/1.8m, the maximum opening is 950mm

h100/2m, the maximum opening is 1050mm

h100/2.4m, the maximum opening is 1250mm. Suitable for heavy indoor wooden doors, composite board doors or metal doors

(1) specific product composition: 1 guide rail, 2 lifting wheels, 2 quick fixing plates, several hooks, 1 guide device, 1 circular positioning, 1 bayonet positioning

(2) description of the sequence of the outer packaging diagram:

A. slot the bottom of the door according to the size (for the guiding device) see Figure 7

B. install the fixing plate at the position shown in the figure. According to the different width of the door, the distance between the opening of the fixing plate at the top corner of the door can be adjusted between 8 and 14 mm, and it is necessary to ensure left-right symmetry

c. put the circular limit, two lifting wheels and bayonet limit into the track in order. Note that the protruding bayonet of bayonet limit should face inward

d. if the track is to be fixed on the wall surface, determine the position of the right angle wall pendant according to the position of the drilled screw hole on the track

e. fix the track. If the track is installed on the wall at the side, the right angle wall pendant is required to be fixed at the same height to ensure the track level

f. hang the door

g. install the guiding device on the vertical foundation of the door

h. circular limit fixation

i. bayonet limit fixation

(3) installation points:

a. before installing the track, pay attention to the "square" (because the track is fixed on the "square", and then the "square" is connected with the lintel in the building structure to be fixed). Generally, the size of the "square" is between 5*5 and 8*8 square centimeters, which is firmly connected with the lintel, and the "square" is horizontally connected with the track

b. the guiding device is required to have a certain gap with the lower surface of the door to prevent friction with the guiding device after the door is deformed, which will affect the sliding effect of the door

c. among the three screws for bayonet limit, the first two screws are mainly used to adjust the tightness of the bayonet from the protruding bayonet outward, and the third screw is used to determine the fixed position of the bayonet limit

d. if the red removable hanging plate is encountered during installation, pay attention to its installation method. A screw nut in the hanging wheel accessories acts on the suspension and fixing plate together with the bolt. The other nut should be installed in the black carrier of the lifting wheel to connect the lifting wheel and the bolt. The above briefly introduces the performance characteristics, installation sequence and installation points of the product. Through the understanding of this product, we can be handy in introducing products, meet various questions and doubts of customers, and improve our business level

Part V other auxiliary accessories

as the saying goes, there are various kinds of auxiliary accessories, in addition to the above four main products, there are many auxiliary accessories, various door absorbers, cabinet connectors, table feet, brackets, brackets, floor springs that can make the door close automatically, door closers, bolts of various specifications, floor nails, gaskets, shelf pins, etc

concise classification list of hardware accessories

the classification of hardware accessories is very complex, which shows that it seems to be just an industry accessory, but in fact it involves various needs of all walks of life, such as kitchen hardware accessories, furniture hardware accessories and so on

the following is a rough classification of hardware accessories:

hardware accessories: handles, doors and windows, home decoration, plumbing, architecture, decoration, tools, bathroom, kitchen, home appliances

furniture hardware accessories: wood screws, hinges, handles, slides, partition pins, hangers, nails, head beaters, tooth rubbing machines, multi station machines

cabinet hardware accessories, hinges, drawers, guide rails, steel extractors, baskets, hangers, sinks, baskets Spotlight, skirting board, knife and fork plate, hanging cabinet pendant, multi-function column, cabinet body combiner

mold hardware accessories: punching needle, punch, guide column, guide sleeve

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