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Detailed analysis of the development trend of door and window building materials in the second half of the year

entering June means that the year 2017 is about to exceed half. The development of the traditional building materials industry in the second half of the year has once again become the focus of the industry. Many building materials enterprises, while summarizing past experience, also seize the opportunity to predict the market based on the present. How will the home building materials industry develop in the second half of 2017? You may know a little from the relevant survey data, the views of many entrepreneurs and the development trend in the first half of the year

refinement of whole house customization

since 2015, whole house customization has become a new upsurge in market demand. Benefiting from favorable factors such as the growth of national income and the rise of the proportion of middle-income groups, the upsurge of pursuing "quality life" has risen, and the consumption upgrading trend in the field of home decoration is obvious. More and more consumers are willing to pay for high-end products and pay more attention to convenience when purchasing. Driven by the consumer consumption concept, some enterprises committed to the development of whole house customization have emerged in the industry. Under the leadership of some leading enterprises, the development of whole house customization will be more refined, and the exploration in product design, after-sales service and other aspects will be more detailed and specific

environmental protection is still the mainstream of home decoration consumption

recently, released the spring home decoration consumption report, which provides an in-depth interpretation of consumers' consumption behavior, user portraits, regional data, etc. in spring home decoration. The data shows that during the spring home decoration period, the overall consumption of building materials increased, and environmental protection is still the main theme of home decoration. Whether it is the purchase of building materials or household appliances, consumers tend to choose environmentally friendly and energy-saving brands, and pay increasing attention to log home decoration and energy-saving products

according to consumer market survey data, 32% of consumers not only pay attention to quality and function when purchasing home decoration products, but also choose the latest cannon jetpreg solution to pay attention to the environmental protection performance of products, and take the environmental protection performance of products as an important reference basis for purchasing decisions. In this regard, industry insiders said that the stronger the demand of the new generation of consumer groups for environmental protection home decoration, the stronger the damage resistance and tightening nature is quite important, and to a certain extent, it will also promote building materials enterprises to innovate in product materials, processes and technologies

in addition, since the beginning of 2017, the national environmental protection policy has been increasing, and some enterprises that fail to meet environmental protection standards, have weak technological research and development capabilities, and have backward production capacity are facing elimination. Therefore, one of the problems to be solved in the second half of 2017 is how building materials enterprises develop towards a green and low-carbon environmental protection path on the premise of ensuring profit space

simple style has become a hot favorite

the spring home decoration consumption report released by also shows that consumers are more inclined to "simple style" in the choice of home decoration product materials and decoration style. According to the data, Nordic simplicity has become the favorite decoration style of consumers at present. Fresh pastoral, simple fashion and simple pure color have become the three most popular home textile styles. In addition, home textile products such as pure cotton and silk materials and furniture made of logs are more popular

it is not difficult to see that with the improvement of living standards and the change of consumption environment, people's aesthetic concept is also changing, and the simple style with simple layout and comfortable and pleasant has become a hot favorite in the market. In this context, the business ideas of many building materials enterprises have also changed, starting to change from selling products to selling lifestyles, and increasing the importance of national standard details for testing related industries

it is understood that red star Macalline and other enterprises have introduced "design aesthetics" into home services, which has been unanimously recognized by the market. It can be said that the change of consumer consumption trend points out the direction for the future development of building materials enterprises. It is worth waiting to see how enterprises will make new development by taking advantage of the trend of simple style

to sum up, with the development of the building materials industry itself and the continuous changes of its economic and policy environment, as well as the rise of a new generation of consumer groups, the overall demand of the market may change at any time. In the future, how enterprises can stick to the existing market heights or seize new market heights, they need sensors. It is not the same to base on market changes and take advantage of the momentum while avoiding risks

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