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Experts call for moisture-proof warning signs on packaging

when the motherboard is damp, businesses often shirk that consumers use it improperly, which is not within the scope of the "Three Guarantees" warranty. Yesterday, in the complaint consultation activity held by the reporting center of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, experts pointed out that at present, most of them do not have the function of preventing humidity at room temperature when the temperature is below 1650 ℃, and they still maintain the strength and demeanor of humidity at room temperature. Huangmeitian, hotpot shops, baths and other humid environments can lead to dampness. Experts called on businesses to set up warning signs on the packaging to remind consumers to pay attention to how to prevent moisture

sunxiaofeng, the head of the "12365" complaint reporting center and the deputy chief of the inspection team of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, told that most of them do not have moisture-proof function technically at present, and there are no clear technical requirements for the performance of the moisture-proof four ball friction and wear tester in the standard. Even professional testing institutions cannot define the cause of moisture. Therefore, when businesses encounter damp, they often refuse to repair for free due to human factors of consumers, which makes it difficult to solve damp complaints

but Sun Xiaofeng believes that most of the instructions do not indicate the specific matters of "pay attention to moisture prevention", and consumers often suffer from moisture without being aware that it is not easy to deform or expensive. Therefore, enterprises should still bear certain responsibilities. Enterprises should clearly mark the warning instructions of "pay attention to moisture protection" on the packaging and instructions, and improve the warning words to remind consumers how to prevent moisture in a humid environment

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