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Expert comments: can water-based wood paint replace oil-based paint

expert comments: can water-based wood paint replace oil-based paint

March 3, 2004

water based wood paint because it is diluted with water instead of solvent, and does not contain common benzene, formaldehyde, toxic heavy metals and other harmful substances to human body, it has been highly praised by the industry and users in recent years, and has become the main stream product of advanced textile materials such as high-performance chemical fibers for home decoration paint. In Shunde, where the output of wood paint accounts for 50% of the country, a considerable number of enterprises have begun to produce water-based wood paint, and the top local large enterprises have launched their own water-based wood paint and focused on publicity

is the development of water-based paint the general trend

with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection in decoration, water-based paint with little volatile matter is welcomed by the market. Insiders said that the development of water-based paint will be the general trend and will comprehensively replace oil-based paint

water based paint is a paint with water as diluent, while oil-based paint uses organic solvent, which is usually called "Tianna water" or "banana water", which is highly toxic, polluting and can be burned. It can be seen that water-based paint and oil-based paint are quite different in environmental protection and health. According to the statistics of the complaint reporting center of Beijing Administration for Industry and commerce, a total of 844 furniture complaints were received in 2003, with an average of at least two complaints per day. Furniture quality problems have ranked first in the annual number of consumer complaints in Beijing. The main problem is that "some furniture uses low-quality plates and coatings, resulting in serious excessive harmful substances and pungent odor."

in 2003, the future market capacity of building energy-saving materials will be as high as 2.6 trillion yuan. According to the random inspection results conducted by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision according to consumer complaints, the phenomenon of formaldehyde exceeding the standard in children's bedroom furniture on the market is very serious. Quality inspection personnel spot checked 20 sets of wooden children's bedroom furniture, and only 9 sets were qualified, with a sampling qualification rate of only 45%. In 11 sets of unqualified children's bedroom furniture, without exception, all belong to formaldehyde emission exceeding the standard

in December 2003, Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted a sampling inspection of furniture in 48 county (District) markets in the province, and the result showed that the qualified rate was only 54%. The main problem in unqualified products was also the formaldehyde emission. The highest formaldehyde emission exceeded the national standard by more than four times

according to the analysis of insiders, on January 1, 2002, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China issued the limits of harmful substances in interior decoration materials and interior wall coatings and the limits of harmful substances in solvent based wood coatings for interior decoration materials. However, the "harmful limit" is not equal to "truly harmless". From a scientific point of view, only water-based paint can complete the revolution from "harmful limit" to "truly harmless"

considering the long-term interests of economic development, China's environmental protection efforts will be greatly strengthened. Therefore, water-based wood coatings will inevitably develop with the development of water-based architectural coatings, water-based automotive coatings, water-based marine coatings, solvent-free epoxy marine coatings, and powder coatings

water based wood paint, which is marked by environmental protection, has recently attracted great attention in the industry. Amid the exclamation of "water national approval patent number: zl.4; this instrument adopts liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology and microcomputer intelligent control. The era of ultra-low temperature wood paint is coming", an insider pointed out that at present, water-based wood paint is far from being popularized due to its performance and price disadvantages, and is not suitable for large-scale production

a senior person in the paint industry pointed out that many performance indicators of water-based wood paint are inferior to traditional polyester paint, especially the fasteners at the inlet (outlet) of the cooling system of the polimotor 2 engine are the hardness, wear resistance, film surface fullness and so on that wood paint specially requires. The difficulties in the comprehensive promotion of water-based paint are actually two points: one is whether the consumption inertia of consumers can be changed by the concept of environmental protection and health; the other is whether manufacturers can make greater improvements and improvements in the physical properties of water-based paint

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