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Advantages and scope of application of glass bead thermal insulation mortar

thermal insulation mortar is a kind of ready mixed dry powder mortar made of various light materials as aggregates, cement as binder, mixed with some modified additives, and stirred and mixed by production enterprises. It is mainly used for building exterior wall insulation, with the advantages of convenient construction and good durability. At present, there are two kinds of thermal insulation mortar on the market: 1. Inorganic thermal insulation mortar (vitrified bead fire insulation mortar, composite aluminum silicate thermal insulation mortar, perlite thermal insulation mortar), 2. Organic thermal insulation mortar (rubber powder polystyrene particle thermal insulation mortar)

what are the advantages and scope of application of glass bead insulation mortar? Vitrified micro bead thermal insulation mortar is abbreviated as glass bead thermal insulation mortar. Its biggest feature is that its thermal insulation performance is very good, which is welcomed by many people. What are the specific advantages? This product aims at the problems of poor insulation, hollowing and cracking, low strength of the previous thermal insulation mortar. After several years of continuous development and improvement, through the selection and adjustment of raw materials and the modification of imported additives, the internal formation of the product '; Double micro '; Organizational structure, so it has unique characteristics and advantages. It is a new generation of similar products at present

◆ reliable heat preservation. New glass bead particles are selected. The surface of the bead is expanded at high temperature to form a sealed glass shell, and the internal cavity is filled with inert gas. Then, by using the air entraining foaming and solid bubble technology, a large number of closed microbubbles are formed in the three parts of the main organism of the concrete pressure testing machine, the hydraulic control box, and the force measuring instrument. The "double micro" structure successfully stores a large amount of static air in the product. The thermal conductivity of static air at 0 ℃ is 0.026w/(m · K), so the thermal insulation material forms a strong gas phase insulation. In addition, the closed cell structure effectively eliminates the convective heat transfer of the gas in the hole and the radiant heat transfer between the hole walls, further enhancing the thermal insulation performance of the material

◆ crack resistance effectively selects vinylon fiber, whose performance is between plastic and rubber, and has the advantages of high strength, high flexibility, wear resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Through the transformation of the equipment, the problem that dry fibers are difficult to disperse is solved, so that they are evenly dispersed in this product and become countless connecting ribs, which makes the overall anti cracking performance of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government decide to be very outstanding on the basis of the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry in the early stage. The external insulation coating shall be free of cracks and the tiles shall not fall off

◆ Heyi's systematic modification of additives, coupled with the ball like effect of micro bubbles, has changed the friction mechanism during the movement between aggregates in the material, changing sliding friction to rolling friction. In 2017, the global lithium salt production was 235400 tons (lithium carbonate equivalent), reducing the friction resistance, making the Heyi prominent and extremely easy to apply

◆ imported adhesive and cementitious products are selected for the non provincial cloth, with the cold melt property of more than 80%, forming a strong affinity with the wall surface to ensure a firm combination with the wall and outstanding hard elasticity. Compared with other insulation materials, the problem of hollowing and cracking can be solved without pasting grid cloth

◆ the thickest single layer reduces the water cement ratio due to the impermeability of the glass shell, which compensates for the strength of the material and significantly shortens the dry curing period. Because the bubbles are adsorbed on the particle surface of the thermal insulation material, the specific surface area is increased, and the viscosity of the system is increased. It can be coated with mm thickness at one time, which is conducive to improving the work efficiency and inserting it again after shrinking and pulling out for a short period of time

◆ long service life inorganic main material, aging resistant, can ensure long service life. Scope of application of glass bead insulation ● external insulation layer with coating or face brick finish; The external plastering of Shule board system is built in the large formwork. ● internal insulation layers including staircases, household partition walls, kitchens and toilets, closed balconies, ceilings and other enclosure structures; ● thermal insulation layer of steel structure building; ● insulation layer of building special-shaped structure; ● insulation filling of dry hanging stone inner layer; ● ground insulation; Ground heating and insulation. ● thermal insulation of accessible roof, planting roof and wood structure roof

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