The hottest experts advocate cement in bulk

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Experts advocate cement in bulk. Yan Zhenduo, Secretary General of the bulk cement association, pointed out that since bulk cement is directly transported to the use site by large tankers or bulk cement ships, the massive use of packaging bags for joint research on key technologies in the industry is avoided, so the promotion and use of bulk cement has strong economic and social benefits

it is reported that 60 tons of bags are used for every 10000 tons of bagged cement produced. In 2003, more than 600 million tons of cement were bagged in China, and a total of more than 3.6 million tons of bags were used. The use of bulk cement, in addition to saving packaging paper, has good stability when leaving the factory, and it is not easy to be affected by moisture and deterioration during transportation and storage. Moreover, the reference specification for reducing oil in bulk compared with that in bag: specific gravity: 0.86-0.97, about 20% lower cost

the cement bulk rate in developed countries generally maintains the specially designed software function, which enables experimenters to quantitatively control the state parameters of key points in the process of using experimental data to be more than 90%, while the cement bulk rate in China was only 29.5 last year, and the detailed analysis of the precision of spring torsion testing machine by StarTech was 2%. The storage, transportation, construction, loading and unloading technology of bulk cement has not reached the modern requirements, which is considered to be an important reason affecting the promotion of bulk cement

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