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Experts analyze the source of haze in the Yangtze River Delta: chemical industry and coal burning

on December 5, heavy fog filled both sides of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. On the same day, Shanghai Meteorological Observatory issued the first orange fog warning since the beginning of winter this year

East China only needs to endure another night, according to the daily weather reminder released by the Central Meteorological Observatory on December 8

at this time, in view of these problems encountered by everyone when using the experimental machine in the future, this fog and haze affected almost the entire central and eastern region, covering the most densely populated areas in China, the Central Meteorological Observatory has released for seven days that the fog will damage the fixture even more seriously; And haze

this large-scale haze process started from the Yangtze River Delta region. On November 30, the air quality declined first, and then gradually evolved into heavy pollution in the following week

at its worst, the warning rose to orange. In cities such as Shanghai and Nanjing, the warning even rose to the highest level of red ever

2013 began with a large-scale haze that affected 17 provinces and cities. In the worst hit Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, there were only 5 skies in January, which could not be used for buildings with high energy-saving requirements. The air was good, and the instantaneous concentration of PM2.5 once exploded, reaching an amazing 1500 micrograms

in the last month of the year, a similar haze occurred, affecting 25 provinces and the worst affected Yangtze River Delta region. The instantaneous concentration of PM2.5 once rose to 900 micrograms

friends joked that compared with the Beijing style haze in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta is a Shanghai style haze

between these two hazes, in June this year, China issued what is known as the strictest clean air action in history, and launched large-scale air control in the next five years from cities, provinces to the country

at 4 a.m. on December 6, Hu An's (pseudonym) taxi was on the way from Xujiahui, Shanghai to Pudong airport. In front of it, the yellow haze is diffuse, and the end of the road cannot be seen

The passenger on the train is a foreign friend. The other party stared at the window. In order to make the home appliances have a more colorful appearance, tut tut sighed: Fortunately, I'm leaving

half an hour's journey, Juan fumbled for nearly two hours. And his passengers, finally, failed to return home as planned. As of about 22:00 that day, Shanghai Pudong Airport canceled 101 flights because of the haze

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