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Experts analyze the problems and Countermeasures of China's food packaging machinery industry

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's food and beverage industry, the food packaging machinery industry supporting tensile testing machine and material testing machine has also developed rapidly with a strong momentum. The industry is full of confidence in the development of this industry. Some analysts believe that it will be another "growth point" to promote the sustained and rapid development of China's economy

although the development prospect of food packaging machinery industry is promising, there are also some problems that need to be solved urgently. The specific conditions are as follows:

existing problems

1. Less R & D funds and weak technical force. The national R & D expenditure only accounts for 0.2%-0.3% of the sales revenue of enterprises, and the R & D personnel account for 3.3%-4% of the employees. Some enterprises mainly imitate similar products at home and abroad by surveying and mapping. Without its own R & D strength, it has little research investment and only relies on low price competition

2. There are too many low-level repetitions, low technical content of products, simple manufacturing process, and low accuracy requirements of processing equipment. Most enterprises start with this kind of product, some enterprises rely on low-level products to accumulate funds and experience, close to medium and high-end products, and some enterprises stagnate, just a little rich

3. The scientific and technological strength of the industry is insufficient. The industry is not big, although there are more than 130 colleges and universities related majors and scientific research institutions, it should be said that the strength is not weak. However, the current situation is that the research institute is busy generating income and ensuring jobs. Some are like a factory, only busy with production and sales. Some want to engage in research without funds. Some have technology but can't find intermediate experimental users. The production enterprises are willing to pay and take risks, so that production, learning and research are divorced, and the originally weak technical force has not played its due role

4. Lack of international trade personnel. First of all, there is no professional import and export company in this industry in China. Now the export of more than 300 million US dollars is mostly done by enterprises themselves. When everything is ready, find a company with export rights to place an order. Others are that the connection between the import and export companies and the customers of food packaging machinery is not enough, so they receive the order in a muddle headed way and make an inquiry after returning home. Secondly, enterprises do not understand import and export business. Enterprises with annual exports of $3million do not even have a professional foreign language (including oral) talents who are familiar with the international market. In terms of quotation, we only abide by the "domestic price plus 30% export", and even lose the trust of users due to the low quotation. Some enterprises lose money on after-sales service due to low quotation, resulting in poor after-sales service, and some enterprises bring low-cost competition to international trade

5. Poor adaptability. With the change of food processing technology, machinery should change, but the basic principle and main structure are unchanged, and the change of packaging machinery is more prominent. The shape, size and barrier of the packaged goods require a myriad of changes. It can be said that each packaging machinery is a "non-standard" model, and each customer has different order requirements, Therefore, food and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises must have certain technical strength to meet the needs of daily production. Some foreign enterprises adopt modular design to solve this problem. Enterprises can combine various action modes according to the different requirements of users to form a new model, but modularization requires a lot of analysis, research, design and experiments, which consumes human and financial resources and cannot see benefits in a short period of time. Many enterprises are unable to do it. They usually cram for it temporarily, which is designed for users and often affects the delivery date

countermeasures and measures

1. Combined with the characteristics of regional layout, promote the overall coordinated development

China has a vast territory, with great regional differences in natural, geographical, agricultural, economic and social conditions. Comprehensive agricultural zoning and thematic zoning have been formulated for agriculture, and agricultural mechanization has also been studied and proposed nationwide, provinces (cities, autonomous regions) and more than 1000 county-level zoning. In order to study the development strategy of food and packaging machinery in line with national conditions, it is necessary to study the regional differences that affect the development of the number and variety of food machinery, and study and formulate the zoning of food machinery

in terms of quantity, except sugar, other foods in North China and the lower reaches of the Yangtze River can be transferred out; On the contrary, in South China, except sugar can be transferred out, other foods need to be transferred in and refrigerated, and pastoral areas need mechanical equipment such as slaughtering, transportation, refrigeration, shearing, etc. How to objectively describe the long-term development trend of food and packaging machinery, estimate the quantity and variety of demand, and reasonably carry out the layout of food processing and food machinery production enterprises is a strategic technical and economic topic worthy of serious study, while the study of food machinery zoning, system and reasonable preparation is the basic technical work of fixed item research

2. Actively develop large enterprise groups

China's food and packaging enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, lack of technical force, lack of self-development ability, it is difficult to achieve technology intensive large-scale production, and it is difficult to meet the ever-changing market demand. Therefore, China's food and packaging machinery should take the road of enterprise group, break some boundaries, organize different types of enterprise groups, research institutes and colleges and universities, strengthen the combination with enterprises, and enter enterprise groups if possible, and become the development center and personnel training base of enterprise groups. Relevant government departments should take flexible measures to support the rapid development of enterprise groups in the industry according to the characteristics of the industry and the reality

3. Actively introduce technology and enhance the ability of independent development

the digestion and absorption of introduced technology should be based on improving the ability of independent development and manufacturing. We should learn from the experience and lessons of the introduction of technology in the 1980s. In the future, the introduction of technology should be closely combined with market needs and international technology development trends, with the introduction of new technology as the main and design and manufacturing technology as the auxiliary

the introduction of technology should be combined with the technical breakthrough, "Jeff said, combining with experimental research, arranging enough digestion and absorption funds, through technical breakthrough and experimental research, we can truly master foreign advanced technology and design ideas, design methods, testing methods, key design data, manufacturing technology and other technical know-how, and gradually form independent development ability and improvement and innovation ability

the introduction of technology should also be combined with the technological improvement of enterprises, and the corresponding technological transformation funds should be arranged so that the introduced technology can quickly form production capacity and be transformed into commodities to enter the market. Efforts should be made to expand channels and actively carry out international cooperation in various ways, including cooperative development, cooperative manufacturing, talent introduction, sending talent training, etc., so as to draw on the strengths of others and make up for their shortcomings

4. Make bold use of foreign capital and speed up the pace of enterprise transformation

China's food and packaging machinery enterprises can't develop without money and can't digest the loans because of their late start, poor foundation and weak accumulation and repayment. Due to the limited financial resources of the state, it is difficult to invest a lot of money in large-scale technological transformation, so the technological progress of enterprises has been seriously restricted and stagnated at the original level for a long time. In the past ten years, the face has not changed significantly, so it is particularly important to use foreign capital to transform the original enterprises

we should actively create conditions and boldly use foreign capital. We can allocate part of the market to attract foreign investors for joint ventures and cooperation, and some enterprises can also be leased to wholly foreign-owned enterprises

5. Establish test centers and strengthen basic and applied research

the development of food and packaging machinery in industrialized countries is based on extensive experimental research. In order to achieve the development goals of the industry in 2010 and lay a foundation for future development, we must pay attention to the construction of test bases. Due to historical reasons, the research strength and experimental means of this industry are not only very weak and scattered, but also not fully utilized. The existing experimental research strength should be organized and reasonably divided through investigation and coordination. We should also make full use of the technical strength and experimental means of other industries, especially the military industry, to serve the food and packaging machinery industry

at the same time, in order to improve the development ability of the industry, accelerate the development process. According to the special needs of this industry, it is suggested that the state invest some funds to further strengthen the construction of the experimental research center of this industry. The task of the industry experimental research center is to conduct systematic experimental research on common technologies, basic technologies and directional technologies, and to track foreign advanced technologies

6. Strengthen the quality work and ensure the improvement of product quality

under the situation of great development, the food and packaging machinery industry should firmly grasp the link of product quality. Only in this way can it withstand the severe challenges from the market after joining the world trade organization. Domestic food and packaging machinery should establish a product quality index system that is compatible with international standards or the standards of industrial developed countries, and implement it in the whole process of design, manufacturing, inspection, installation, commissioning, service, etc. for large quantities and a wide range of key products, license production should be implemented, and enterprises should strengthen quality awareness and quality management. Relevant government departments should further support and improve the existing food and packaging machinery product quality supervision and inspection institutions, and gradually form a national product quality supervision and monitoring center, which is responsible for the quality certification of export products in addition to daily quality supervision

7. Increase intellectual investment and speed up the construction of scientific and technological team

the key to market competition is technology competition. The essence of technology competition is talent competition. To win in domestic and foreign market competition, we must pay attention to cultivating and making good use of technical talents of food and packaging machinery, so that people do their best

therefore, far sighted leaders and entrepreneurs should effectively support the education, scientific research and design departments of food and packaging machinery in terms of policy and material, so that they can be ahead of the production of food and packaging machinery, rather than lagging behind the production demand. For the existing scientific and technological talents of food and packaging machinery, it is necessary to carry out necessary planning, coordinate the important issues of the overall situation, avoid low-level repetition and unpopular, lack of doors and no one to tackle key problems, and encourage competition at the same time. After China's participation in the international intellectual property Convention and its accession to the world trade organization, the two villagers in this village and the neighboring village contracted the river fish culture and weaving, which will force relevant departments and enterprises to pay more attention to the development and production of their own patented products, and can no longer live by imitation

in a word, scientific research institutions of food and packaging machinery should change to economic entities. At present, the technical team in the food and packaging machinery industry cannot meet the requirements of development. Not only is the technical force weak, but also a large number of scientific and technological personnel have been transferred from other industries. There are defects in the professional knowledge structure. Those who learn machinery do not understand food technology, and those who learn food technology do not know machinery. School education and continuing education of on-the-job technical cadres must be strengthened

at the same time, we should also give full play to the role of existing scientific and technological personnel, fully mobilize their enthusiasm, give full play to the role of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, advocate the technical services of scientific and technological departments, technological chain, speed up the technological progress of enterprises, actively participate in market competition, and promote a qualitative leap in China's food and packaging machinery industry

development strategic ideas and key areas of development

China's food and packaging machinery are facing the challenges and competition of foreign advanced products, as well as huge domestic and foreign markets and better development

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