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Experts call on the glass bottle industry to promote industry access as soon as possible. Through the investigation and exchange of nearly 30 enterprises in the industry, everyone believes that the strategy of establishing a world power in daily-use glass proposed by the association is completely correct. How to further complete the tasks determined by the first session of the sixth Council requires the efforts of the industry to develop together, and it is suggested that the association focus on the following issues:

serious damage to the lens 1 At present, China's daily-use glass enterprises have relatively excess production capacity. In order to protect the country's limited resources, low-level repeated construction must be limited and eliminated. The association should actively recommend relevant departments to approve the implementation of the access system for the daily-use glass industry. It is suggested that the national and local governments should solicit the opinions of the industry and carry out a feasibility evaluation system when building new glass enterprises

2. It is imperative to carry out structural adjustment according to different industries of load measurement methods. It is suggested to evaluate the overall level of existing glass enterprises, and rectify enterprises with low technical management level, high energy consumption, high pollution and poor product quality within a time limit. If they really cannot meet the standard after rectification, compulsory measures should be considered

3. Gather influential key enterprises who are enthusiastic about industry work, like the G20 summit, establish a long-term regular consultation system, discuss common problems in the industry, and put forward corresponding solutions. There are not necessarily many enterprises that start to participate, and they can be gradually expanded

4. Formulate necessary rules and regulations to standardize the orderly development of the industry. Gradually establish a long-term, scientific and correct development mechanism

5. Call on all enterprises in the industry to constantly improve, consciously promote technological progress, work hard, pay attention to staff training, and comprehensively improve production technology and management level

6. It is suggested that the association make full use of stations and periodicals to strengthen the publicity in this regard. If the enterprise needs it, each professional committee should organize relevant experts to actively provide advisory services within their respective scope of work

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