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The advantages and application of XPS extruded board

extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation board, with polystyrene resin as the main raw material, has been specially processed. 1. Maintenance must be carried out and the process must be repeated to continuously extrude the hard board formed by foaming. It has a unique and perfect closed cell honeycomb structure, and environmental protection materials with high-quality properties such as high-pressure resistance, moisture resistance, air tightness, water absorption, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, light weight, long service life and so on. Extruded polystyrene insulation board is widely used in wall insulation, low-temperature storage facilities, parking platforms, building concrete roofs, polar structure roofs and other fields. It is a high-quality and low-cost moisture-proof material in the decoration industry

extruded board has excellent and lasting characteristics: the performance of extruded board is stable and not easy to aging. It can be used for 30-50 years and has extremely excellent moisture resistance. It can still maintain low thermal conductivity in the environment of high steam pressure

extruded board has unparalleled heat insulation performance: extruded board 5 technical requirements because it has a closed cell performance structure, and its closed cell rate reaches 99%, so its heat insulation performance is good. Although foamed polyurethane has a closed cell structure, its closed cell rate is less than that of extruded board, which is only about 80%. Extruded board is superior to other insulation materials in terms of heat insulation performance, water absorption performance and compressive strength, so it is also unmatched by other insulation materials in terms of heat insulation performance

extruded board has unexpected compressive strength: the compressive strength of extruded board can reach more than 150-500 kPa according to its different model thickness, while the compressive strength of other materials that have the advantage of certification and selection in the use of export products is only more than 150-300 kPa. It is obvious that the resistance of other materials will raise the roller temperature of double roll open mill to 150 oC, which is far lower than the compressive strength of extruded board

extruded board has infallible water absorption performance: it is used under the pavement and subgrade to effectively prevent water penetration. Especially in the north, it can reduce the occurrence of frost and the freezing of soil affected by frost, control the ground frost heave, and effectively block the ground gas from moisture damage

the construction of extruded board is convenient and low cost. The advantages are: light, easy to handle, easy to cut, easy to fix, and can be reused, so the construction is convenient and the cost is low, while other insulation materials do not have this advantage. (end)

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