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Experts call for taking measures to promote the development of recycled aluminum industry

at present, China has entered the middle stage of industrialization, and the large consumption of resources and energy has become an unavoidable prominent feature in the middle stage of industrialization. Among them, the consumption of non-ferrous metals, especially aluminum, is far greater than production, and has become a net importer in recent years. The reserve of aluminum is only ten years according to the static retention period, and although recycled aluminum has great development potential and value, it has not been fully developed due to various restrictions. At the "Symposium on the development of China's renewable aluminum industry" held in Beijing on July 12, experts at the meeting called for China, the number one auto producing country, to take measures to accelerate the development of renewable aluminum industry as soon as possible

Jiang song, vice president of the renewable metals branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, believes that the name of the renewable metals industry should be corrected first. He said: "the meaning of the word 'waste' in Chinese is equal to that of domestic waste, which is not recyclable, and the recycling of renewable aluminum has always been named as' waste '." He also said that the United States has passed relevant laws and regulations to turn the industry from a special commodity into a general commodity transaction. Therefore, we should remove the word "waste", fully understand the current situation of resource shortage, and promote the healthy development of renewable aluminum industry

at present, aluminum and copper are the same. The sources of renewable resources are generally internal, external, and import is an important source. Many public opinions believe that there are some dangers in imported "foreign garbage", especially those metal products. In this regard, wanggongmin, President of the renewable metals branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, pointed out that the renewable resources of nonferrous metals are not garbage but high-quality resources, and the import of scrap metal resources in the international market should be encouraged rather than restricted

although there is no park specially set up for recycled aluminum at present, Guangdong Nanhai and Zhejiang Ning have been established in China. As mentioned earlier, the stability of such models is related to the samples, and several recycled metal parks, such as guanbo, Jiangsu Taicang and Tianjin, should be improved. Therefore, the regulations and policies of recycled metal parks should be improved. For example, reduce taxes as soon as possible and promote industrial upgrading; Attach importance to technological progress, improve metal recycling efficiency, refine waste classification, and make fuller and more rational use of renewable metal resources

internationally, the recycling rate of scrap metal has reached 96%, and some have exceeded 98%. At present, China's process equipment is backward, and it is not easy to reach the level of 90%. Many small businesses account for just over 80%. Wanggongmin takes cans as an example to illustrate this "Point, the recycling of a pop-up can in the United States is divided into three parts: the pull ring, the tank cover and the tank wall, while the domestic processing is bolt processing, which is really a waste.

it is understood that the recycled aluminum refined from waste aluminum products has many advantages over the primary aluminum refined from bauxite mined in the mine, such as low comprehensive energy consumption. For each ton of aluminum produced, 95% of energy, 10.5 tons of water and 11 tons of solid materials can be saved , which is only equivalent to 3% of the raw aluminum energy consumption of the original standard drafting unit: Chongqing Zhong County Shen'an chemical construction general plant

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