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Domestic and foreign experts gather in Hangzhou to discuss food packaging and safety

seemingly insignificant food, so we look at things differently from others. Packaging actually has a great impact on the quality of food itself, and the application of new packaging technology and new materials can make you eat healthier and safer. Recently, more than 300 experts at home and abroad discussed food packaging and safety at the fourth Hangzhou China Pharmaceutical International Forum

instant noodles have a large amount of oil distributed on the noodles. Nowadays, there is a lot of air in the instant noodles packaging, which will make the oil oxidize and produce "Ha oil", which is not healthy to eat. Similarly, edible oil is packed in transparent plastic barrels and bottles, which looks beautiful and practical. In fact, there are a lot of unsaturated acids in vegetable oils, which will produce resin toxic substances under the action of sunlight. Using transparent bottles to measure the internal stress of the spring in this state has the same problem. The light sensitive substances in the tea will browning under the sunlight

At the forum, sun Xuan, vice president of the Chinese society of food science and technology, broke off a small cookie tray and sent it to his mouth. He told the author that this fully degradable plastic composed of 95% to 98% starch is all edible water-soluble materials, which can be made into biscuits, chocolate trays, dried fruits, pharmaceutical packaging materials, etc. This new packaging material with corn as raw material is expected to resist the white pollution caused by plastic in the future

transparent bottles should not be filled with cooking oil and tea drinks, but this problem can be effectively solved by coating a carbon layer inside the bottle with plasma coating carbon thin layer technology. The treated plastic bottles are isolated from both sunlight and air, preventing the chemical reaction between vegetable oils, tea drinks and sunlight. The new packaging that is most expected to be popularized in the near future is plastic beer bottles. Now, domestic manufacturers such as Zhuhai Zhongfu have developed PET beer bottles. Compared with traditional glass bottles, polyester bottles that change beer bottles into beverages are convenient and safe to carry and transport. The consumption of this polyester beer bottle will be 30billion to 40billion every year

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