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Expert: avoid using printed food bags

in small restaurants and snack stalls on the streets, some shopkeepers will put a layer of plastic bags in their bowls to hold hot food. After customers finish their meals, the shopkeeper throws away the plastic bags and puts them in a new bag. This way is economical and easy, but will it not cause harm to the body of the consumer? Yinqinjian, an associate professor of the school of chemistry of Sichuan University, said yesterday that water detection method can be used. 3. Main technical parameters of carton detection equipment: (can be customized according to customer requirements) fire detection method and hand touch color detection method can be used to identify whether plastic bags are toxic

is it convenient to cover bowls with plastic bags? Is it harmful

boss, a bowl of hot and sour powder, pack it and take it away. Such cries are often heard in restaurants. This kind of hot food, which is packed away, is often put in a plastic food bag or covered with a paper bowl by the restaurant owner. Yesterday, when I visited Chunxi Road snack street, this bagging phenomenon existed in most stalls

some shopkeepers will put a bag in their bowl even if they don't pack it. It's especially easy to clean up oily food. After customers finish eating, they can throw away the bag. It is found that this phenomenon is particularly common around many primary and secondary schools

brother Wang, the owner of a restaurant, said that when it came to the meal point, there were many customers, and the store would be too busy. It was easy and economical to cover the dishes with plastic bags, which was much more cost-effective than hiring a dishwasher

some customers worry: will the plastic bag decompose into toxic substances when hot food is poured in

non toxic or toxic three methods to identify

how to distinguish whether plastic bags are toxic or non-toxic? Transparent food bags and green garbage bags were purchased in the market, and Yin Qinjian, an associate professor of the school of chemistry of Sichuan University, conducted two groups of experiments, using water detection method and fire detection method to identify

put food bags and garbage bags into basins filled with water respectively. In less than a minute, the food bag was floating on the water, while the polyurea garbage bag containing cf01 and cf02, which were waterproof materials for the bridge deck, slowly sank to the bottom of the water. Yin Qinjian explained: non toxic ones can surface, and toxic ones will not rise

then, use a lighter to ignite the food bag and garbage bag respectively. The mechanical properties of fasteners of food bag gb/t 3098.5 ⑵ 000. When the self tapping screw burns, the flame is yellow, and some parts are cyan. When it burns, it is like a candle, with melts dripping on the ground, and at the same time it emits a smell of paraffin. On the contrary, use a lighter to ignite the garbage bag. This kind of bag is not easy to deflate and burn. It will go out immediately after leaving the fire. It will be softened and become filiform, and no melt will drip

experts have shown that in addition to the water detection method and the fire detection method, the hand touch color detection method can also be used to identify: non-toxic ones are milky white or colorless and transparent, with a sense of lubrication when touching, and the surface feels like wax; The toxic color is turbid or yellow, red, black, and sticky

colorless and transparent plastic bags are the best choice for packaged food.

food bags used in life are mostly made of polyethylene. Transparent food bags are non-toxic and harmless. There is an open fire when burning, a smell of candle burning, and carbon dioxide and water are decomposed when heating. However, some printed food bags may be harmful to human body, because the printing pigments may contain toxic substances

some plastic bags are made of polypropylene. Compared with plastic bags made of polyethylene, they are harder and can be used many times. For example, woven bags are also non-toxic and harmless. Plastic bags made of PVC, such as garbage bags used at home, have no open fire when burning and release hydrogen chloride when heating. In order to process and shape, plasticizers and stabilizers harmful to human body are generally added, and they are generally not used to package food

colored plastic bags are usually colored or recycled, and may contain toxic substances. It is suggested that colorless and transparent plastic bags should be selected when packaging food

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