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Experts believe that there is still room for the development of Shanghai paper industry

at present, the development of China's paper industry has attracted extensive attention from people inside and outside the industry. Looking back on the "Ninth Five Year Plan", the whole industry has conscientiously implemented the national guidelines and policies on structural adjustment to achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development. Enterprises are market-oriented, economic efficiency centered, pay attention to improving product quality and scientific and technological level, strengthen management, and improve the overall quality and competitiveness of enterprises. Coupled with the introduction of a large number of foreign capital, the face of the whole industry is undergoing profound changes. Shanghai paper industry is representative in China. Recently, the author visited Jiang Rongqi, executive vice president and Secretary General of Shanghai paper society

According to secretary general Jiang, great changes have taken place in China's paper industry since the reform and opening up. In 2002, China promoted the progress and development of plastic blending technology, new products of plastic additives and utilization technology. There were more than 3500 manufacturing enterprises, with an output of 37.8 million tons, an increase rate of more than 18%, while the output of more than 10000 enterprises in the previous 10 years was only 20million tons. At present, the market consumption of paper in China is also rising sharply. In 2002, the consumption of paper and paperboard reached 43.32 million tons, an increase of 17.62% over the previous year, and the per capita consumption was 33kg. The production and consumption of the national paper industry have gradually increased. The output of paper and paperboard has ranked second in the world

When it comes to the paper industry in Shanghai, secretary general Jiang told the author that the first machine-made paper enterprise was established in Shanghai in the 1980s. With the establishment of factories in Shanghai by national enterprises and foreign businessmen, the birth of Shanghai machine paper Bureau ended the history of more than 1000 years of manual papermaking, and the paper industry has risen rapidly since then. By 1985, there were 32 paper-making enterprises in Shanghai, with a paper output of 420000 tons, more than 260 varieties and an annual net profit of 157million yuan, which was in the leading position in the country

since the reform and opening up, due to many characteristics of Shanghai paper industry and many problems left over from history, such as small scale of enterprises, backward equipment, serious pollution of pulp and paper, raw material investment, but the current education system emphasizes academic education and ignores skill training, which is the main reason for the shortage of skilled workers, the lack of resources and other factors have restricted the development of Shanghai paper industry and forced Shanghai paper industry to shut down, suspend and transfer, The structure of paper industry enterprises in Shanghai has been readjusted, a large number of small enterprises have been eliminated, and at the same time, a number of foreign-funded and joint ventures have emerged, with products developing towards high-grade and less pollution

Secretary general Jiang emphasized that at present, the annual paper consumption in Shanghai is about 1.8 million tons, and the per capita paper consumption is about 115KG. The total production of paper in Shanghai is only 420000 tons, most of which depends on imports and the support of domestic brother provinces and cities. Shanghai is one of the largest paper consumption markets in China. Shanghai will become an international metropolis, which needs all kinds of paper and paperboard, with high quality requirements and many varieties. From 2010 to 2015, the demand for paper in Shanghai was about 2.6-3 million tons

Secretary general Jiang believes that according to the strategic thought of circular economy and the spirit of "moderately developing Shanghai's paper industry to reduce life and property losses", there is still a lot of room for Shanghai to develop its paper industry. The development direction of Shanghai paper industry is to fully recycle and utilize waste paper resources and develop high and medium grade paper and paperboard with certain advantages. Focus on developing some technology intensive, high value-added, less polluting technical paper. Domestic and foreign paper related industries such as fine chemicals, equipment manufacturing, automation, electrical appliances, instruments and other business activities have radiated from Shanghai to domestic and foreign countries, and have formed a large camp with the paper industry. Thus, Shanghai paper industry has objectively formed a demand space, and it is still feasible for Shanghai to further develop the paper industry. We must take the path of sustainable development and develop circular economy

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