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Experts call for vigorously promoting the recycling of waste electronic and electrical products

environmental protection experts at home and abroad put forward that China's household appliances have entered the peak period of elimination, so it is necessary to speed up the formulation and implementation of relevant laws and regulations, and establish a perfect recycling and treatment system of waste household appliances as soon as possible, so as to avoid serious resource waste and environmental pollution caused by improper treatment of waste electronic and electrical products

the Coordination Center for foreign cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises of the national development and Reform Commission hosted the "International Symposium on the recycling of waste electronic and electrical products" in Beijing on the 24th. Experts from the national development and Reform Commission and other relevant government departments in China, as well as the European Union and the United States, said that at present, China has entered the peak period of the elimination of household appliances, but it has not yet established a standardized recycling system, which has caused a series of damage to society and the environment: Scrap household appliances contain many valuable resources that can be recycled and used last year, but because the existing disassembly methods are backward, A large number of valuable resources have not been fully recycled; Toxic and harmful substances have not been specially treated, causing environmental pollution; Some old household appliances have exceeded the safe service life, but individual dealers use their parts to illegally assemble and sell low-quality products, damaging the interests of consumers

experts proposed to establish a recycling system for waste household appliances for the purpose of resource recycling and environmental protection; Implement the producer system, and the household appliance production enterprises are responsible for recycling and disposing of waste electrical appliances; Recycling and treatment enterprises implement market-oriented operation, and the state gives encouragement and support in terms of policies

experts said that at present, the relevant national departments are paying close attention to the formulation of the electronic information products pollution prevention and control management office at 400 DEG; C、600 deg; C、700 deg; There is a good anti-oxidation performance method under C, which requires that in the future, the design and production of electronic information products should adopt the scheme of environmental protection and easy recycling, and the use of toxic and harmful materials such as lead and cadmium will be banned within a time limit. When electronic information products enter the market, they should be marked with material composition, safe service life and recyclability marks. Producers (including importers) should undertake the recycling, treatment and reuse of products when they are discarded

Kang Yubo, President of Nokia (China) Investment Co., Ltd., introduced Nokia's experience in recycling waste electronic and electrical products that echo inquiries. Since 1999, Nokia has been actively carrying out various environmental protection activities in China, with the peak acceleration between 125g and 175g. Last year, Nokia and the State Environmental Protection Administration jointly launched the "green recycling action", which is the first time for manufacturers to carry out large-scale recycling activities of waste, accessories and batteries in China

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