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Expert comments: the plastic market will oscillate and decline this week

1. International market: A. polyethylene market: the polyethylene (PE) market in Asia is sparsely traded this week, and the retreating Chinese demand has prompted the delay in post holiday trading to be eliminated immediately. The gradually rising ethylene price provides sufficient support for suppliers' outlook for higher PE prices in February. Considering that the traders and downstream manufacturers have not returned to the market after the festival, the purchase intention is weak, and the buyers are still present. B. Polypropylene market: after the long holiday, due to weak market demand in China, polypropylene (PP) trade in most Asian countries was silent. In the absence of trade transactions, the price was basically the same as last week and remained unchanged. Due to the sharp decline of propylene, the strong buying sentiment before the long holiday lost momentum this week. Despite the weakness of raw material prices, regional PP suppliers still maintain the quotation of February delivery at US $1150/ton (CFR Asia). However, sellers in the region said that there was little trade at this price level. The transaction price of imported plastics in China's main port this week (CIF: CFR): high pressure 1150, linear 1150, low pressure 1140, polypropylene 1150 US dollars/ton, equivalent to RMB 12190, 12190, 12084, 12075 yuan/ton respectively

one week trend chart of the international plastic market

2. Domestic market

(1) one week market analysis: A. high pressure polyethylene: after the Spring Festival, most downstream manufacturers and traders have not returned to the market to buy, and the atmosphere of negotiation is filled with wait-and-see hesitation. Although petrochemical enterprises issued some promotional strategies before the festival, they finally failed to alleviate the inventory pressure. After the festival, companies in major regions of PetroChina rose prices against the trend to try to pull back the deadlock, However, due to the weak demand in the downstream market and the increase in wait-and-see sentiment of traders, as well as the high inventory of petrochemical enterprises and the impact of low-cost selling by traders, the market situation in most parts of China continued to cool this week, especially in North China and East China, due to the lack of demand, the rate fell by yuan/ton, at yuan/ton (East China and North China); The market prices in southwest and South China also fell by yuan/ton, at yuan/ton (southwest) yuan/ton, and the transactions before the festival were obviously exhausted. B. Low pressure polyethylene: due to the withdrawal of traders and downstream manufacturers and the softening of downstream demand, the key is that after the festival, most traders and downstream manufacturers have not returned to the market, the negotiation atmosphere is weakening day by day, and traders digest the inventory before the festival at low prices. This week, the market situation in most parts of the country continued to be depressed, and the price fell by 100 yuan/ton, at yuan/ton (injection molding), yuan/ton (wire drawing) and yuan/ton (film blowing), with poor trading. C. Linear polyethylene: after the festival, many traders and downstream manufacturers still failed to return to the market in time, and the market buying atmosphere was still cautious. At the same time, the inventory pressure of petrochemical enterprises and traders' low-cost inventory clearance once again pushed the market situation in most parts of China to the edge of low depression this week, and the price fell by yuan/ton, In yuan/ton (East China, North China) and 11200 - many of these alloys are sold in the market as ABS at 11300 yuan/ton (South China, southwest). D. Polypropylene: due to the oversupply of resources and the fact that downstream manufacturers and traders did not return to the market to buy after the festival, the interest in replenishment was weak, especially the phenomenon of low-cost selling by traders further deepened. This week, the market situation in most parts of China continued to decline, and the price fell by yuan/ton, in yuan/ton (North China, East China) and yuan/ton (South China, southwest)

list of market transaction prices of plastic products in some regions of China in one week (unit: yuan/ton)


high pressure polyethylene

low pressure polyethylene (wire drawing)

linear polyethylene

polypropylene (wire drawing)

South China

11200 can refer to the construction experience of Wu'an capacity trading platform to master the key core technology and scope production capacity of diaphragm preparation, especially reverse osmosis membrane -11250

North China


trend chart of market transaction price of plastic products in some domestic regions (unit: yuan/ton)

(2) market forecast for next week: Despite the reduction of import resources and the continued high external market, as well as the good news that Sinopec enterprises stick to the price and PetroChina increases the price against the trend, most traders and downstream manufacturers failed to return to the market in time to participate in the purchase after the festival. The whole negotiation was basically in a situation of price without market and cautious wait-and-see. Traders and downstream manufacturers were weak in their willingness to receive goods, especially on the grounds of clearing inventory at a low price, Quickly withdraw from the market, while downstream manufacturers watch cautiously, and order on demand even if there is demand. As the market fell into a gloomy situation, many traders and downstream manufacturers originally planned to return to the market after the 15th day of the first month, and had the intention to postpone their return, and hoped that petrochemical enterprises would appropriately adjust their prices and return to the prices that downstream manufacturers and traders could afford. Therefore, the market trend next week: the oscillation will decline, but the range will not be too large, mainly because the external market is strong and the demand for agricultural film will continue for some time

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