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Experts: there is no domestic packaging of imported vaccines at all

in view of the statement of "domestic packaging of imported vaccines" in some vaccination sites, relevant experts remind that this statement is false propaganda, and there is no domestic packaging of imported vaccines at all

a few days ago, in some influenza vaccination sites in Harbin, when introducing the influenza vaccine, some vaccinators claimed that the vaccine at their vaccination sites was imported, but he introduced it to everyone, but the packaging was domestic

in this regard, what problems should be paid attention to in the maintenance of Heilongjiang disease pre electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine? Prevention and control Wang Kaili, deputy director of the Central Institute of Virology, which cooperates with BASF, said that the influenza vaccines currently promoted in Heilongjiang Province are domestic, not imported, let alone "domestic packaging of imported vaccines"

according to Wang Kaili, although the technological process of domestic vaccines is slightly different from that of imported vaccines, their functions are basically the same. At present, the influenza vaccines implemented in China are mainly split vaccines, which are produced according to the type of influenza virus strains provided by the World Health Organization in that year. Before leaving the factory, each batch of vaccine must be identified by the relevant national departments. This identification standard is in line with international standards. Therefore, there is little difference between domestic and imported products

at present, the vaccines used in Heilongjiang Province are mainly supplied by four factories in Shanghai, Changchun, Hangzhou and Changzhou. Their formulation, control and other production processes are restricted by strict international standards, and their quality is also very safe and reliable. (end)

source: Xinhua

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