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Experts at home and abroad focus on the 2019 Microsoft Qingdao AI summit original title: experts at home and abroad focus on the 2019 Microsoft Qingdao AI summit

experts at home and abroad focus on the 2019 Microsoft Qingdao AI summit to discuss AI enabling industries

China Singapore Qingdao, November 13 (Hu Yaojie) the 2019 Microsoft AI summit was held in Laoshan District, Qingdao. As the annual science and technology event in the field of artificial intelligence, the summit attracted more than 100 guests from domestic and foreign academic experts, entrepreneurs and other guests to discuss the cutting-edge technology trends of AI, and conduct in-depth exchanges on how AI can enable the innovation and development of industries such as Internet, education, finance, credit reporting and manufacturing

this summit, with the theme of "smart Qingdao · AI empowering the future of all industries", was hosted by Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Laoshan District government

the summit attracted more than 100 guests from academic experts and entrepreneurs at home and abroad. Hu Yaojie photographed

at the meeting, hongxiaowen, global vice president of Microsoft and President of Microsoft Asia Research Institute, and other guests not only interpreted the reform prospects of ai+ finance, ai+ manufacturing, ai+ education and other industries from the perspective of macro industry, but also shared the cases of platform incubation and creation of cold speed fast-growing enterprises and characteristic products from the perspective of micro enterprises

Hong Xiaowen believes that China's Internet development is very good, its infrastructure is perfect, and it has a large population and vast market. Through the construction of the "the Belt and Road", China's market will be even larger. However, at present, the digitalization level of Chinese enterprises is not high, so we can take advantage of the platform and make up our minds to improve it

sun Haisheng, Secretary of the Laoshan District Party committee of Qingdao, said that AI is the "key" to open the era of perception and interconnection of all things. The tide of AI empowering all industries is rolling in, the great kinetic energy of AI promoting the scientific and technological revolution is emerging, and the reshaping reform of human production and lifestyle is bound to come. The theme of today's summit is "smart Qingdao · AI empowers the future of all industries". Among the guests, there are not only industry masters in the field of artificial intelligence, but also top experts, scholars and business elites from various fields such as finance, education and big data. He believes that this summit is not only a collision of ideas between "the strongest brains" and the trigger of good feelings for fire retardance, but also a great opportunity to accelerate the coupling of artificial intelligence and various industries and multiply their value

the 2019 Microsoft AI summit was held in Laoshan District, Qingdao. Photo by Hu Yaojie

in recent years, Laoshan District of Qingdao has implemented the action plan for the development of artificial intelligence industry in Laoshan District to promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing industry. At present, Hisense, goer acoustics, Shangtang technology Artificial Intelligence Education Research Institute, Qualcomm goer innovation center, etc. B. requirements for fixture materials: there are more than 40 AI enterprises and R & D institutions, and "goer intelligent voice interaction system" has been cultivated It can be divided into more than 20 key projects such as static stiffness test and dynamic stiffness test, such as "big fast search natural language processing technology hanlp" and "juhao artificial intelligence system for tens of millions of smart TV users", and the number of intelligent manufacturing enterprises has reached 132. (end)

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