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Experts believe that the promotion of new energy vehicles is premature

in the catalogue of the first phase of new vehicles in 2010 just released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, four new energy vehicles of independent brands are prominently listed, including BYD E6 pure electric 4WD sedan, Haima h1-ev pure electric drive concept car, Fengshen S30 weak hybrid vehicle, and Chang'an Zhongdu hybrid version Zhixiang

from the beginning of 2006, domestic 1. Impact energy should be accurate. The Toyota Prius, the first hybrid vehicle, has been on the market. In just four years, new energy vehicles seem to have started a prairie fire. According to statistics, as of January 2010, the new energy vehicle varieties of 42 enterprises in China have been listed in the product announcement catalogue, and 24 enterprises and 47 varieties have met the requirements, including cars, passenger cars, sanitation, cleaning vehicles, etc

however, with the increase of unveiled models, the voice of doubt has become louder and louder

there is still a gap between technology and foreign countries

at present, domestic automobile enterprises are enthusiastic about new energy vehicles, but most enterprises are still building momentum to attract eyeballs in developing new energy vehicles. Xuchangming, director of the Information Resources Development Department of the National Information Center, said

Miao Wei, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out pointedly that the lack of development of core components is the biggest weakness in the development of China's new energy vehicles. There are several problems that limit our development. The biggest problem is the diaphragm, which accounts for about 30% of the cost of the battery. At present, no enterprise in China can produce the diaphragm of this power battery. The technology and equipment for membrane production have been included in the list of export restrictions imposed by the West on China. In addition, the integrated components in the motor and control system are all imported

a self owned brand new energy vehicle with great momentum claims that its endurance capacity can reach 100 kilometers in pure electric mode, which is much higher than that of Toyota electric vehicle (25 kilometers), and its maximum speed can reach 160 kilometers per hour. The charging station can be fully charged in 10 minutes, and the household power supply can be fully charged in 9 hours, which is very convenient. The battery will not explode or pollute

however, industry experts do not buy the manufacturer's statement

in view of the manufacturer's statement that the pure electric model Jinan traction machine can travel 100 kilometers under the mode of ensuring service quality, Fu Lian, deputy director of the Automotive Industry Development Research Institute of the China Automotive Research Institute, said that the actual driving range is simply not that long because the energy storage rate of the battery is still relatively low. Under the general working conditions of cities, multiple starts and stops, acceleration and deceleration consume a lot of battery energy. Theoretically, the maximum endurance mileage is meaningless, just as the ideal standby time cannot be achieved

as for the statement that the battery will not explode and there is no pollution, some experts also questioned that the technology of lithium battery for vehicles is not mature, mainly because the problems of forming high-voltage power supply system in groups and production technology have not been completely solved, and the large-scale commercial operation still needs time. It is possible to make a car by hand, but large-scale quantitative production of batteries is not currently possible

Dong Yang, Secretary General of the China Automobile Association, believes that there is still a gap between China's new energy vehicle technology and foreign technology. Many people think that we can't make traditional cars, but we are at the same level and on the same starting line in new energy vehicles. This statement may be misled by the propaganda of some scientists and enterprises engaged in new energy, and their vigorous propaganda is to get social recognition and government support

some projects that claim to build new energy vehicles are all shouting at the state for money. Song Jian, vice president of the automotive engineering development and Research Institute of Tsinghua University, revealed the mystery

zero exhaust emission is not equal to no pollution

because it does not consume gasoline and does not produce exhaust emissions, electric vehicles are considered to be zero emission, pollution-free and environmentally friendly models, and are regarded as the ultimate substitute for gasoline vehicles

however, is electric vehicle really zero pollution

many of the so-called low-carbon industries we are now engaged in are not low-carbon. What is the most typical example? Electric cars. Have you ever thought about how electricity comes from? In the United States and Europe, power plants dare not burn coal because of environmental problems, mainly natural gas or nuclear power. But what about China? 69% of energy consumption is coal. What does it mean to comprehensively promote electric vehicles? This means that 22.2% of the cars burning oil in the past are now indirectly burning coal, so 91% of China's energy consumption has become coal

but what does burning coal mean? First, there is no real low-carbon. Second, more pollution, including nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide

this is a passage published by Lang Xianping, a famous economist, in his blog a few days ago, which was subsequently reproduced by many stations

in fact, this is indeed a problem that must be deeply considered before the promotion of electric vehicles. Before the low-carbon power generation technologies such as nuclear fusion power generation, solar power generation and wind power generation are mature, electric vehicles only transfer the pollution emissions to power plants

in addition, the pollution produced by batteries in the production and recycling process is also not small. If the battery is not recycled well, the systematic pollution of electric vehicles is hundreds of times higher than that of gasoline vehicles. Zeng Qinghong, general manager of GAC group, said

the time for promotion is not yet ripe

although there are still many disputes in technology, many manufacturers blindly seize the land in order to compete for resources and voice, which has made new energy vehicles fall into the hidden worries of repeated construction and overcapacity before promotion

the "plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the automotive industry" issued in March last year clearly stated that China would form a production capacity of 500000 new energy vehicles in 2011. However, according to the new energy vehicle development plan that has been disclosed in various regions, the total planned capacity has far exceeded 500000 vehicles. Among them, both Beijing and Shanghai plan to produce and sell 10000 new energy vehicles in 2010; Chang'an Automobile plans to invest 2.5 billion yuan in the first phase to build a new base, and the final production capacity will reach 600000 complete vehicles and 2million engines; Jilin Province plans to rely on FAW Group and other enterprises to form a production capacity of 50000 new energy vehicles in 2012; Although BYD, known as the king of electric vehicles, has not announced its new energy vehicle plan, it is no secret that its production capacity far exceeds that of other automobile enterprises

it's hard to say how many of these new energy vehicles are really high-tech. A technician who has won a national technical award with the electric vehicle project admitted that at present, China's new energy vehicle industry is mixed. All kinds of enterprises try their best to get on the side of new energy vehicles, and some research institutions also put down their bodies to make wedding clothes and find a way to live for enterprises for commercial purposes, resulting in the true and false of the supporting industry of new energy vehicles, a mixture of good and bad, and the emergence of many fake new energy vehicles that are neither environmentally friendly nor energy-saving in technology

the policy of subsidizing individuals' purchase of new energy vehicles has been delayed, largely because the government has concerns in this regard. There are risks. The method of providing coolant inside this kind of grinding wheel shows a stronger cooling effect. Hexiulin, director of the Automotive Industry Department of Hangzhou Economic Commission, said that at present, the technology of new energy, especially pure electric vehicles, is not mature, and the hasty introduction of subsidy measures is worried about the negative effects. So many foreign auto giants with advanced technology have not been developed. Can our products really stand the test

Dong Yang, Secretary General of the China Automobile Association, pointed out that what we should do now is to study the production process, ensure the quality with mature process, reduce the cost with batch production, and then promote the use in batch

Rao Da, Secretary General of the national passenger vehicle market information joint meeting, suggested that under the current situation that the national standards for new energy vehicles, especially the standards for electric vehicles, have not been established, new energy vehicles should not be promoted on a large scale

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