Four tips to dispel the smell of paint in new hous

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Many home decoration will choose paint as the first material for wall decoration, and wall decoration accounts for a large area. The summer heat in Wuhan is unbearable, and the humid and muggy weather brings a lot of trouble to the decoration. The strong smell of paint after the decoration of the new house affects the mood and health of the family. Wuhan home improvement network editor teaches you four tricks to remove the smell of paint, ensure the check-in time and ensure the health of your family

a clever trick to remove the smell of paint: natural ventilation

properly open a window on the top of the wall that is not directly air dried for ventilation. Fill the container with cold water, such as a washbasin or small bucket, then add an appropriate amount of vinegar and put it in a ventilated room, and open the furniture door. In this way, an appropriate amount of water can be evaporated to protect the paint surface on the top of the wall, and the residual odor can be absorbed and eliminated.

clever way to remove the paint smell 2: remove moisture

how to remove the paint smell in a decorated room? The decorated room can't be occupied immediately. Try to ventilate and smell, but don't open all the doors and windows for ventilation, because this may bring disadvantages to the wall top paint just completed, and make the wall top dry rapidly, which is prone to cracks and damage the beauty. To quickly remove the residual paint smell, you can also wet cotton balls with citric acid and hang them indoors and in wooden furniture

clever way to remove the smell of paint 3: tropical fruits

also use tropical fruits to remove the odor, with good effect, low cost and simple method. Using jackfruit (a tropical fruit similar to durian) to remove the chemical odor of newly decorated houses, the effect is also very good. The newly decorated houses often have the pungent smell of various chemical raw materials such as Tianna water. Put a broken jackfruit in the house. Because jackfruit is large (usually as large as watermelon), it has a very strong fragrance, and it can absorb the odor in a few days

clever trick to remove paint smell 4: deodorizing detergent

you can also go to the market to choose some high-tech deodorizing detergent, which can remove the harmful gases emitted by newly decorated houses and new furniture. According to relevant sources, these odor removing cleaners are generally imported products, which use ammonia compounds to react with harmful substances, thus playing the role of odor removing and cleaning. In the newly decorated room, this kind of deodorizing detergent can be poured into the plate, and the plate can be placed in each room separately, combined with the scrubbing and deodorization method, the unpleasant smell can be effectively removed after a few days





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