How to choose healthy paint emulsion paint

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As the last link in home decoration, although the cost of paint is not very high in building and the whole decoration, the painting of paint (including latex paint) accounts for more than 80% of the area, and the contact with human body is also the most direct, which plays a crucial role in the quality, beauty, health and other performance of the whole decoration

the continuous improvement of a brand value often depends on three key factors: environmental protection + quality + service. Especially for the current housing, environmental protection is the most important. In other words, the health of life is the most important. What if you lose health, even if you win the world? There is the continuation of life, and everything else is not empty talk

these things are related to your health, so the purchase of paint is a very important thing for the majority of friends who want to decorate. Here I'd like to introduce some of the world's leading paint brands and some simple paint purchase methods, hoping to help you:

first, choosing a brand

brand is the performance of a product's comprehensive strength. Generally speaking, international brands are worthy of trust in their quality and service. Like the world's leading paint and trusted by the world, Laiwei paint

second, choose health

environmental protection and health are the top priority of modern decoration. Poor quality paint will cause home decoration syndrome, so it is particularly important to identify the health performance of products

third, choose quality

product quality not only affects the decoration effect, but also plays a decisive role in the lasting brightness, firmness and durability of home decoration. When choosing paint, don't just look at the price. Look at the comprehensive cost performance. The effect, weatherability and painting area of good quality paint can't be compared with poor quality paint

fourth, choose service

coating is a semi-finished product. The final effect is directly determined by the specialty of construction, and the construction and service are usually completed through dealers. Enthusiasm, honesty and never selling fake and inferior products with harmful substances exceeding the standard are the promises of Laiwei paint





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