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Home is also a body. What clothes we wear every day determines our state of the day. At the same time, clothes can also reflect our taste, life attitude, career, personality and other characteristics. The wall is the "clothes" of home. There are many decorative materials for walls, the most common of which are latex paint, wallpaper, etc. For wall decoration, how to choose latex paint and wallpaper is the key

I want to know the paint products in the picture >& gt;

selection of emulsion paint

1 Choose a latex paint that is lighter than your favorite

when choosing the color number, you must choose a latex paint that is lighter than your favorite color. Because it will be painted on the wall three times, the painted color must be a little darker

2. Choose different latex paint for different spaces

for example, for the latex paint applied in the bedroom, it is generally necessary to choose a warm and comfortable color, which gives a romantic feeling as a whole. The color of latex paint applied in the living room is different. The living room belongs to public space. We can choose some colors that are more atmospheric, neutral and acceptable to everyone

3. Late collocation is exquisite

after the whole wall is painted with emulsion paint, the later collocation should be considered. Because the latex paint is relatively plain and has no texture like wallpaper, we must work hard on accessories in the later matching

I want to know the wallpaper products in the picture >& gt;

selection of wallpaper

1 Wallpaper determines the style of space

after the wallpaper is pasted, you can see whether the house is modern or pastoral, European classical or luxurious. The color and pattern of the wallpaper have decided the style of the house

2. There are skills in laying complicated wallpaper

the wallpaper with relatively complex picture is actually the same as the heavy color emulsion paint, which is not suitable for pasting all over the room. Wallpaper needs to be matched with dado or marble. These materials and decorative lines can weaken the feeling of wallpaper and highlight local areas

3. Large area paving adopts plain wallpaper

when you need to paste wallpapers in a large area, you should choose wallpapers with relatively plain colors. In this way, it is easier to match furniture in the later stage, because only a little wall elements can highlight the furniture, otherwise the wall will dominate





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