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For example, the yudeshui Huabei district boutique soft clothing designer training conference was held in Tianjin Minjin Hotel, which focused on the overall soft clothing training and the strong PK among the distributors and franchisees in Huabei district in the third quarter

recently, for example, the training conference for boutique soft clothing designers in the North China area of yudeshui was held in Tianjin Minjin Hotel, mainly for the training of overall soft clothing and the strong PK among the distribution franchisees in the North China area in the third quarter. Like a fish in water, in the era of soft decoration of the whole house, we should work with major dealers to keep pace with the times and maintain a state of constant learning in today's rapid development. Don't hurt each other in PK, learn from each other and make common progress in PK

North China boutique soft clothing training meeting

learning is boundless. Training is like a fish in water

since the first launch of the wall covering of new products in the autumn of 2017, through the research of major sales areas of fish in water, it is understood that although terminal stores have a strong understanding of the whole soft clothing system, better training can provide customers with better solutions and more professional collocation, Serve more customers better

in order to seize the opportunity of the golden age of soft clothing, ruyushui specially invited teacher Wu Yunxia to give a training explanation of this conference at the high-quality soft clothing training conference in North China

▲ teacher Wu Yunxia gave a training explanation at the conference

at the training conference, teacher Wu Yunxia gave a training explanation of the overall soft clothing in combination with ruyushui wall cloth, curtains and home accessories, and made a profound analysis and interpretation of the overall collocation of soft clothing, color style patterns and other knowledge. At the same time, guided by the theoretical knowledge of soft clothing, she guided all members of the conference to participate in the practice and discussion of the overall soft clothing collocation practice, Make ruyushui franchise store deeply understand and be familiar with the essence of soft clothing from the root, apply what they have learned, truly enter the golden age of overall soft clothing and obtain investment value from it

▲ at the training meeting, all staff practice the overall soft clothing matching

for the high-quality soft clothing training meeting, which combines theoretical knowledge and practice, it can not only improve the overall soft clothing professional skills of all staff in the exclusive store, easily solve the difficult and miscellaneous problems encountered in daily sales, but also directly or indirectly help to improve the performance of the terminal store, and have both fish and bear's paw. Then, there is no doubt that all staff invest great enthusiasm on site

▲ at the training meeting, everyone enthusiastically came to the stage to share their collocation

North China's third quarter PK competition award ceremony

master duel regardless of victory or defeat, just for win-win

experienced the baptism of the overall soft clothing knowledge, such as yudeshui, the major dealers in North China will devote themselves to the third quarter PK competition and show their style

in this PK competition, such as Wang Liang, gongxiangzhao, zouyuhang, Jiang Peng, Meichuan City, Ma Zhen, Huang Jiangfei, hepingfeng and Chen Feilong, the North District Manager of Yude Shuihua, ranked the PK of major dealers in the quarter and month. Everyone in the audience was full of fighting spirit and the atmosphere was intense

in the ranking, let the major dealers see the operation methods of other better stores, the gap between their own stores and better stores, learn from experience in time, and only hope to become an excellent N-power. At the same time, in the PK competition, the major dealers summarized the results of the third quarter, based on which they formulated the goals of the fourth quarter and guided the actions of all staff in the fourth quarter

▲ all members set goals for the next quarter in the PK competition

in the presence of experts, experts compete with experts, win each other in the competition, become an expert among experts, the strong among the strong, and make the weak stronger at the same time

in the era of rapid development of information technology and frequent replacement of old and new knowledge, people from all walks of life understand that they need to be vigilant at all times in order not to be eliminated in this era of intelligence

learning is endless

training, ready to go, make your career like a duck to water

learn from each other, work together for win-win results, and make your life like a duck to water

the end of a learning journey means the beginning of another journey. The warwolf attribute of Ruyu Deshui requires that the struggle never stops. The next battle...

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