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The water pipe bought at 4800 yuan burst repeatedly, and the newly decorated new house instantly turned into a water room, and the wooden floor and valuable furniture in the house all suffered. As the new year approached, Ms. Wu, who lives in Dongfu, Haicang, encountered such a disturbing matter. Ms. Wu said that on New Year's day last year, she bought a well-known brand of home improvement water pipe in a hardware store in Haicang. After the installation of the water pipe, the manufacturer's after-sales personnel also went to the site to measure the pressure. Who knows, not long after the decoration, there was water leakage at the water pipe joint near the balcony. She immediately reported to the merchants that they also came to the door for replacement. I thought the problem had been solved, but in the middle of the night of January 15 this year, when the family was sleeping, they were suddenly awakened by a loud bang. Ms. Wu thought it was a thief at home. When she turned on the light, it turned out that the water pipe burst again, and the plug board on the floor was broken by the current. This time, the gushing water flooded the living room, and the valuable huanghuali furniture and wooden floor were also affected. The solid wood floor of the bedroom alone costs 850 yuan per square meter, not to mention the Huang Huali furniture, which caused heavy losses. Ms. Wu is heartbroken. When checking the scene, the industrial and commercial personnel found that because the trend chart of the water pipe was not taken during the decoration, several tiles of Ms. Wu's house were prized up in order to find the location of the water leakage. The water pipe for hot water had excessive expansion during the water flow, and even if it was repaired, there might be water seepage again. Whether the problem is caused by decoration construction or its own quality defects needs to be identified by the quality inspection department. After on-site mediation, the dealer said that if the water pipe quality problem, it will certainly bear the responsibility. Industry and Commerce reminder: the process of home decoration is cumbersome and there are many materials. Consumers should not only keep receipts and invoices, but also keep the manufacturer's on-site commissioning and maintenance records for future rights protection. For concealed works involving water pipes, wires, etc., it is best to take a circuit diagram after completion, so as to find problems in the future




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