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Economic development has brought people higher requirements for the quality of life, especially now that environmental problems are more serious, so people generally pay attention to environmental protection and health! So when decorating home, people prefer wooden doors, such natural materials! However, solid wood door manufacturers are also diverse, with hundreds of styles, and the quality of products produced is uneven. It's not easy to choose one of your favorite products in such a mixed market with guaranteed quality and service! Here, as the manufacturer of solid wood doors with the best reputation among wood door manufacturers, Shu life pays special attention to ecological products and the concept of environmental protection life. First of all, I'll give you a brief introduction to the characteristics of non environmental protection wood doors:

first point: the products damage the wooden doors with insufficient technology or rough workmanship. Later, when consumers use them, there are some burrs, cuts and other places that are not handled in place, causing damage to the body, Especially if you have children at home, you should pay special attention to this. The second point: chemical pollution. It is convenient to note that in addition to formaldehyde, there are other harmful substances in the wooden door. In this regard, wooden door manufacturers are required to choose superior wood when selecting materials. As raw materials, high-quality wood is the foundation of a good wooden door. Third point: if the wooden door is not qualified, there will be other additional effects, such as poor sound insulation, noise, and poor privacy, including light pollution, etc. there is also a need for good hardware accessories, and the quality of the products supporting the door must also be high-quality

of course, the above points are just some of them. In addition to these precautions, we should pay attention to the brand, but what if we accidentally buy non environmentally friendly products or the wooden doors are polluted

first point: it is recommended to find a manufacturer for better environmental protection products. If the manufacturer does not have the best return, it is not allowed to cause irreversible physical injury because of making do with it. Second point: if the pollution itself has little impact, you can have more ventilation. As long as the space circulates, the density of indoor pollutants will be reduced, so as to reduce pollution. Third point: using liquid or solid purification products to remove formaldehyde, there are many products on the market that can effectively remove this pollution

the wooden door itself is a product that is processed as a whole through multiple links and processes. In addition to its own material selection and the requirements for high-quality wood, the process is also a very critical link. Because the process directly determines the durability, stability and service life of the wooden door. The wood doors of tree life series adopt unique technology. In addition to maintaining a good fiber structure of the wood itself, it avoids the deformation and cracking caused by expansion, making the structure of the wood door more stable and durable. In 2016, the three environmental friendly wooden door production lines of Shusheng, a wooden door manufacturer, were all put into operation, which not only improved the wooden door process, but also paid more attention to the zero formaldehyde and zero pollution of wooden doors, realizing the promise of Shusheng: tree says healthy life

compared with products, tree life emphasizes quality more. In addition to strict process standards as a guarantee to improve product quality, relying on professional equipment and a variety of processing means, and using a variety of quality management systems to maintain high-quality products, more is to integrate an emotion into the wooden door, not to let the door be just wooden products, but the separation of each bedroom in the room. Instead, it integrates the designer's inspiration and cultural heritage, so that the wooden door gives us more artistic charm and quality enjoyment

in the wood door industry for more than ten years, tree life, a solid wood door manufacturer, has focused on wood doors. The customized series of wood has become one of the top ten brands of Chinese wood doors and the leading brand of Chinese wood doors. And once launched, tree life series products have been sought after and loved by the market. Tree life's footprint also involves many provinces and cities across the country, and the entire sales network is also spread across the country. Tree life is gradually expanding its market share and striving to become the benchmark of the industry. As the innovator of the industry, tree said that healthy life is our constant pursuit





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