Reduce household pollution from paint purchase

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The pollutants rich in paint seriously harm the body. How to minimize the damage? Xiaobian suggested that we should start with the purchase of paint

◆ killer VOC in wall paint

the wall is the largest part of home decoration, and it is particularly important to choose a good interior wall paint. Mr. Cheng moved into his new home less than a week after decoration last January. Mr. Cheng said: I use environmentally friendly wall paint without any peculiar smell. It's absolutely no problem to live after spraying. But in this regard, an insider said that the choice of wall paint is mainly to see whether it is mold proof, alkali proof and low VOC. The so-called VOC, whose Chinese name is volatile organic compounds, is a hidden killer of home decoration pollution. It is released in large quantities during the drying process of interior wall paint. Even if the odor does not exist after ventilation, it will still slowly emit in the future, and the mixed existence and interaction of various VOCs will increase the intensity of harm. Therefore, after the house is decorated, indoor air testing should be carried out to determine the actual situation of indoor air pollution

◆ waterproof materials should be selected correctly

for owners who plan to decorate, waterproof is a necessary procedure in the decoration of kitchen and bathroom. Many people know the importance of building waterproof, and will strengthen the use of building waterproof paint during decoration. As everyone knows, if some polyurethane products containing tar are used in the traditional waterproof coating, the tar gas volatilized has a pungent smell, and is easy to deposit in the airless room, which is very harmful to human body and prone to respiratory diseases. Recently, Xiaobian visited the urban building materials market and found that at present, most of the market are acrylate waterproof coatings and tar free polyurethane waterproof materials, which have been proved to be non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly products. The indoor walls treated with this kind of waterproof coatings can basically meet the requirements of indoor environmental protection

◆ artificial boards contain more formaldehyde

in recent years, beautiful, high-end and fashionable cabinets have been paid more and more attention and become an essential part of home. Therefore, the choice of cabinets is very important. The reporter learned that at present, artificial boards are widely used in cabinets. In order to make the boards stronger, a lot of glue and other materials have been added, and glue is the source of formaldehyde. Only when the glue content reaches the European E1 or higher E0 standard, can it be called an environmentally friendly cabinet that is harmless to people. In addition, the processing technology is also a factor that determines whether the cabinet is environmentally friendly. Some cabinets use raw materials such as door baking paint in the processing process, and there is also formaldehyde content

◆ early communication is very important

to avoid indoor pollution caused by decoration and have a safe and good home environment, it is best to choose a simple decoration style to reduce the degree of pollution. In addition, if it is a package decoration, it is necessary to communicate with the decoration company in advance, try to choose environmentally friendly decoration materials, and agree on environmental protection terms in the decoration contract. It is best to write the brand name of the materials and whether it will cause air pollution or whether it will produce harmful gases exceeding the standard as an important content, so as to require the decoration company to ensure the use of high-quality decoration materials, Protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers from infringement




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