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The printing industry is in line with "environmental protection"

it was learned yesterday that a chemical free plate making machine developed by the world-famous printing supplier aikefa has been officially put into use in Beida printing company. As the first settlement of this equipment in Asia, this move also sends a signal that the printing industry in our city will focus on "environmental protection" and technological innovation

the treatment of more than 400 kg of chemical waste liquid produced in printing and development every month was once a big "worry" of beidafang. It is reported that different from the traditional printing plate making machinery, the plate making system called green star plate chemical free thermal plate washing adopts a completely physical way to complete the plate making process before printing, thus omitting the steps of developing with chemical agents in the traditional technology, which not only effectively reduces the environmental pollution caused by drugs, but also achieves a new level of printing quality with its unique brilliant point technology

"it is hoped that this settlement will promote the technological innovation of the detector in the printing industry to identify the quality of data under dynamic load." For Wenzhou, which has 2354 printing enterprises and is one of the three major printing bases in China, how to reduce costs and improve technical content and quality while promoting environmental protection is obviously a broad common topic. Yuqiusheng, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, film, television and publishing, told us that accelerating the elimination of backward equipment and increasing the intensity of technological transformation will be the inevitable trend for Wenzhou's printing industry to develop continuously and move from a big printing city to a strong printing city. There is a great friction between its upper and lower ends and the support of the experimental machine. (3) Failure or damage caused by man-made or natural disasters during the warranty period

data source: Wenzhou

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